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October 02, 2011


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GM Roper

Chuckle, though this is a serious post John, I can not EVER think of you becoming a Muslim, let alone an Islamist.

john jay


stranger things have happened.--

cat stevens became a muslim. moses reputedly became a muslim, and he was dead.

but, no, not likely that i will EVER become a muslim. certain theological reasons, some politics involved as well, and they tend to wear really funny shoes.


p.s. thanks for the read, and thanks for the comment. always a pleasure to hear from you.

PacRim Jim

Beware of those who seek to control you. Remember, "Islam" means submission.
Cui bono?


"to put the matter bluntly, it appears to me that mohammed fabricated revelation to serve his personal interests."

Next you'll be tell us that Joseph Smith didn't have a magic hat!


Basic idea aside, it is most definitely not the same God.
My God, as a Christian, is a loving, personal God rather than a vindictive, unapproachable god whom you must appease through works.

john jay


it is the same god, the one god.

you are a far different worshiper, to far different ends, than the muslim.

you do not use your faith to either conquer or impose.

john jay

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