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October 03, 2011


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Jimmy Pop

Thoroughly hosing the Obama administration with industrial strength DDT prior to deportation to the Mao-worshipping dictatorship of it's choice, is a must.

Cleaning out the marxist spider holes in our universities, our judicial system, the main stream media, and along both coasts (including the entire state of Hawaii), should be at the top of our 'to do' list.

Every resident of Berkeley should be arrested and housed in a GITMO-like facility while awaiting trial on charges of treason, as should every Congressional representative who called for a boycott of Arizona.

Finally, sterilize all liberals. Implement a plan to introduce liberals, sterilized or not, into the food chain on the Serengeti Plain.

john jay

jimmy pop:

i disagree on two points.--

1.)as to berkeley, a maoist style re-education plan would be o.k.

oregon thumps cal pretty regular in the pac-10(12) play, in most sports, so we have to leave the university sufficiently intact so as to be the u of o's doormat here for a while.

2.)i am against shipping liberals to africa.

no foreign aid, even for lions and hyenas.

better to ship them to a plant in tupelo, mississippi, where they can be rendered into a good serviceable fuel oil, like the chicken & turkey beaks, legs, guts and feathers from the local tyson plants.

to be used in internal combustion engines. that's kinda poetic, to my mind.

john jay


why isnt obama removed from office IMMEDIATELY?
what are we waiting for?

A Patriot

Beware, Charles Johnson is stalking you.

A Patriot

Oh dear, I warned you Johnson was stalking you.


""John Jay, one of the founding members of the board of AFDI and a very frequent commenter at Pamela Geller’s website, has posted a manifesto very reminiscent of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik’s — a deranged, violent fantasy of mass murder:""

Oh dear.....


another right-wing violent revenge fantasy. yawn. You people are sick and you know it.


Jeesh. Expect visits from the FBI and Secret Service after this rant. You may want to change your name.

NT Mayor

Pam Grier? Why does Charles Johnson want to use you to hurt Pam Grier?

She's fabulous...I've loved her ever since FOXY BROWN...talented...gorgeous.

Damn him and his...

Oh wait.

Pam Geller?

Well...she's just an idiot bigot.

Like you.

Never mind.

Frank Mutteater

Hmmm...I have taken the view that quranimals are unfit for life in Western Civilization. But I wouldn't joke about killing either them or the libs who indulge those savages.

Caution: Some States enforce Threat to Murder laws based on mere subjective claims of fears of bodily harm or death. Ergo: the enemy merely has to accuse. They will gladly force flotation of the I-was-only-joking-defense for a crippling length of time. Ask Pam Geller if the enemy uses law for their advantage. Without Pro Bono legal work, she could be in personal and financial ruin.

John: are you going to persist in this? You need to better understand the West-east salient.

As for lgf, I saved hundreds of pages from 2002-4 where CJ trumpeted against any type of paleo-politics. Every Friday, cj posted Memri content of speeches from the arab-murder-cult's depraved clerics. Now he witchhunts anyone who subjects his former targets to scrutiny. Further, his material is 100% derivative. He can't spend more than 20 minutes a day on his lame posts.

john jay

frank mutteater:

love the name.

charles johnson is, in my view, merely an opportunist and a pretty mediocre photographer, who writes like he takes pictures.

sort of a pimple on an elephant's butt, intellectually speaking. he simply attracts who he attracts by being shrill instead of smart, which the lizards find oddly comforting. it is a pissing into the wind sort of a deal.

he has an original thought at the keyboard just about as often as he takes an interesting picture, ... , which is to say, not often.

as to free speech issues.-- my friend rickey c. kimbrough puts it best, summing up the strength of most peoples adherence to the principle when he notes, "it all depends on whose ox is being gored."

i note that johnson doesn't get too lathered up about it when muslim rage boy says of the queen of england and tony blair, "islam will cut off your heads."

did he complain much when the "anti-war" types had the lurid posters of george bush strung up on the gallows for "war crimes?" i don't remember.

and, neither do all the twits on the left.

if some people's republic of somewhere wants to put me into an attitude adjustment camp somewhere, well then, i suppose they know where i live.

you ever read aleksandr solzenitzen's "the gulag archipelago"? one of the themes there is that freedom is in the mind, and that the inmates in the gulag were curiously free to speak their minds in prison.

people are a bit jumpy these days, are they not? especially the left, who view with considerable alarm the prospect of the formerly docile & civil right rising from their quiescence, and denounce us for contemplating the very techniques the left has used to murder and subdue its opposition for the last 150 years.

i for one, apologize for none of it.

and, i especially do not apologize for finding the world the way it is.

john jay

p.s. the great butchers of the 19th & 20th centuries?


marx. lenin. stalin. mao. pol phot. fidel castro. raul castro. che guevara. bill ayers. bernie dorhn. rahm emanuel.

Robert Greene

I see from this post that Norway allows Anders Breivik internet access while he awaits trial. I think that is very humane of them.

Robert Greene

By the way John, Anders Breivik, Eric Rudolph, Timothy McVeigh, Scott Roeder and Jim Adkisson all killed more people than Rahm Emmanuel or Bill Ayers, both whom have killed exactly no one. But of course, butchering the innocent is alright when My Side does it. I'll bet you call yourself pro-life, too, you psychotic swine.

john jay

robert green:

bill ayers has a couple notches on his belt.

rahm emanuel, the "death panels" which you would deny exist, would have performed the same.

he just would have let others do it for him.

john jay

Jodie Foster's Strike Team

I bet you had one hell of a little stiffy when you wrote this, you sick fuck.

Robert Greene

john jay:

Two questions. Do you agree with what Breivik did, and do you think punctuation and capital letters are liberal conspiracies.

I do think death panels exist. Insurance companies decide all the time who lives and who dies.


Warcraft would be healthier than whatever you do to pass the time, you worthless piece of garbage.

Not Likely

Hey look, a fascist.


Bill Ayers didn't kill anybody. I guess thats why Reagan's good friend, lifelong republican walter Annenberg actively sought him out for the Annenberg challenge. Annenberg brought Obama and Ayers together, to serve on a non-profit board. I am more worried about the friends Obama made at the Chicago school of economics than with Ayers


The Citizens of the United States of America have a right to applaud themselves for giving to Mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy: a policy worthy of imitation. All possess alike liberty of conscience and immunities of citizenship. It is now no more that toleration is spoken of, as if it was by the indulgence of one class of people that another enjoyed the exercise of their inherent natural rights. For happily the Government of the United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens in giving it on all occasions their effectual support.
May the Children of the Stock of Abraham, who dwell in this land, continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other Inhabitants; while every one shall sit under his own vine and fig tree, and there shall be none to make him afraid.
Letter to the Hebrew Congregation of Newport, Rhode Island (1790)

John IV

If nothing else, this post is a good glimpse into the bleak and violent mind of Republicans. World changing in ways you don't like? Dreams of harsh reprisals and death are what calms their scared minds.

john jay

john iv, d, not likely, trevzb, jodie foster's strike team, not likely, jshoopy, ntmayor, zort:

you are pussies. hardly the stuff to inspire, ... , what?

hard to identify any emotion that you could work up in anyone.

little yapping dogs.

robert greene:

you don't seem like the rest of them, you don't think as i do, but you do think, analyze and advocate.

do you run with this little pack of jackals? must be kind of disgusting to bed down with them at night, seems to me. how do you stand them.

they always appear when the fight appears over to them?

john jay

john jay

john iv:

so, you think me a republican?

laughing. interesting.

john jay


I take that insult as high praise, coming from an Internet tuff guy such as yourself. Now that you have demonstrated the ignorant yutz that we all knew you to be, not much sense in hangin around in your stream of bitter ignorance any longer. You are sad sad excuse of a man, a human being, but more importantly as an American.


Christopher Hartly Holte

Your remarks were incendiary, inflammatory, and kind of dumb. I've found Obama to be anything but a Maoist, and the communist left had its shock back in the 1980's when they saw their ideas put in practice in Cambodia in a severity of "purity" that was sociopathic and stupid. Since then they've been picking on Israel because it offends their own End times visions of John Lenin's "Imagine" song.
Of course there are still true believers, but the narrative you've created is a false one. The left is still needed because there is still an oppressive right and as long as Israel is dependent on military might and the US Imperial Ambitions it is in mortal peril because both are unstable and temporary strengths. The last time Israel depended on a Military might is ephemerol and Israel has to find a way to stop Jihad, it cannot stop Islam anymore than it can stop Christianity. The idea that one can attack the heads of Islam, progressives, and J-Street is as dumb as rioters burning their own homes.

john jay

christopher hartly holte:

i don't agree with most of what you say.

but, i see an intelligence and weighted judgment behind it, which is quite refreshing in comparison to most of the name calling twittery that passes for the left these days.

as to your points.--

it doesn't make much difference to me if obama is a maoist, a marxist-leninist, or a marcusan sort of a marxist. a marxist he is, and he is not friend to personal liberty of any stripe. in my view, he remains the enemy of values i hold dear, and the fact that he is a muslim does not help much.

and, quite the contrary to your views, i think that communists and leftist have learned absolutely nothing from the horror inflicted upon humanity by the likes of mao, pol phot and even the left's beloved fidel & che. i agree that mao and pol were sociopathic and stupid, however, and che was a thug and a murderer, for pleasure & gratification.

i disagree w/ your literary evaluation of the left's antipathy to israel. they are against israel, even though it is the one democracy in the middle east, because they are anti-semitic and because they are against any free market society which thrives.


i do not agree that the left and its intellectual predilections are "needed."

for what?

the left cannot manage a modern industrial society. since the last epochs of teh 19th century until now, every time the left has taken control of managing a societal sized economic system it has driven it right straight into the ground.

we do not need the left for its unsuccessful antipathy to markets.

centralized planning doesn't, and will not work. it cannot. it won't allow decision making to be de-centralized.

oppressed right?

in the united states?

have you looked lately at the percentage of the "labor force" which is employed by government?

if anything, that which oppresses those who actually work for a living is government, which has to tax in order to pay its minions.

who are leftists, by the way, as are the labor unions such as the s.i.e.u. which dominates labor politics in this country.

i got news for you.-- government is benefactor to its loyalists and oppressor to its tax payers.

that is not, my fine feathered friend, the fault of the right.

as to whether might makes right in the long run. i believe that you have identified a problem, in that might really cannot make right.

probably the closest we can get to "right" and morality is through individual virtue, ... , never very much of a collective enterprise.

i do not know if we have the wherewithal to make civic virtue in the same sense that the romans made it and observed it.

but, i am relatively satisfied on one front, and that is, might makes preservation. of self, and of society.

we have two different world views. yours, a "kumbaya collectivism," and me, a "don't tread on me" individualism.

the two are probably never to be reconciled, and you and i will always be in conflict.

but, you have a brain in your head. and, you are to be greatly distinguished from most of the infantile twits who comment here.

john jay

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