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October 06, 2011


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"...from this day forth, i will write no more forever. it's just not worth the bother, not worth the indulgence."

There IS a God.

Jonas Rand

Don't let the door hit your behind on the way out.


Ralph Dosser

Goodbye! Don't forget not to write!


Right. You're going to stop writing. He who posts an update after claiming he is done writing.

Please, Queen.

john q

please don't go into a homicidal rage.

U posted some ugly stuff. Not the end of the world.

That ur co-conspirators would agree with you while begging for distance should tell you about the slope you slid down consorting with these cretins.

Welcome back to the real world.

We're not so bad us sheep.


Good! Better off yourself too.

And BTW, Odinga is neither Obama's cousin, nor did Obama campaign for him. As usual, you're a far right swine who lies about facts.

john jay

ha ha:

as senator obama, obama was in kenya campaigning for o'dinga, and appeared stumping for him.

obama and dick morris consulted with o'dinga on how to campaign.

obama's purported daddy and o'dinga's daddy were politico's together. many of obama's and o'dinga's family refer to themselves as cousins, though the exact relationships between the families are a bit murky.

when o'dinga lost the election, violence broke out. joel stein wrote a puff piece about how obama was doing a stellar job working to mediate the dispute between o'dinga and the victorious party, trying to avoid conflict.

this blew up in stein's face when all the various facts emerged, and stein quickly gave up on his articles on the matter, especially when it emerged that obama had never actually talked with the election victor, and was mostly communicating with o'dinga, and fronting for him.

you can look it up.

john q:

who said anything about being angry? "sheep" is an interesting self descriptor. it is one i often think of, looking at the contemporary person.

i sort of judge people by how i think they would do in elk camp.

it's a good measure.

john jay

p.s. ha ha: twice in the last several days i have been called "swine."


you cannot come up w/ a better insult than that? not so creative, really ... .

john jay

ha ha:

as to obama and o'dinga ... .

why don't you inquire of dick morris what the arrangements were?

i am sure he would be glad to confide the details to you. or, better yet, why don't you ask obama.

he should know. he was, after all, there.


You wrote that Odinga is Obama's cousin. That's a lie. Even you silently concede it, hiding behind "murky". There's nothing murky about it. Odinga is not Obama's cousin.


You wrote that Obama campaigned for Odinga which is also a lie. Appearing in the same place as Odinga and talking (correct) generalities about the (obvious) corruption of the government is not the same as campaigning for Odinga. It's not Obama's fault that Odingo turned out to be no better then the previous rulers. You would prove that Obama was campaigning for Odinga if you point to a single credible piece of evidence that indicates that Obama explicitly said (while in Kenya) that he was for Odinga becoming the president. The rest is your wingnut fantasies.

But then, you also believe the lie that Obama campaigned together with the New Black Panthers (even though it was a mainstream commemoration event with thousands of people and lots of speakers).

You appear to be a real clueless dope. You don't know basic facts and you're not savvy enough to even use Google.

I really think that scum like yourself should just hang yourself and be done with it. You're useless even to your scum-sucking former friends. Enjoy the rest of your sorry life.


How does it feel to be a freak? How does it feel to be a wannabe terrorist? How does it feel to hate this country? How does it feel to hate freedom? You're pathetic.

john jay

ha ha:

you are a credulous idiot.--

"appearing in the same place as odinga and talking (correct) generalities about the (obvious" corruption of the government is not the same as campaigning for odinga."

"but then, you also believe the lie that obama campaigned together with the new black panthers (even though it was a mainstream commemoration event with thousands of people and lots of speakers.)"

i am a real clueless dope?

let me see.

as regards o'dinga, we have the issue of obama and morris there together, on behalf of o'dinga.

we have pictures of obama speaking in a doorway before a crowd, w/ o'dinga, at an o'dinga campaign event.

as to the new black panthers, we have a founder of the new black panthers speaking from a doorway about the selma marches, we have a new black panther member in uniform. next, we have obama speaking from that same doorway, and we have the same new black panther founder and the same uniformed black panther member standing in the same doorway with obama, while he speaks. both "new" black panthers are within arm's reach of obama as he speaks.

"i really think that scum like yourself should just hang yourself and be done with it."

ha ha, you wanna push me off the chair, maybe help me with the rope, and keep my resolve firm by tying my hands?

now, just why is it i don't like you snarky little hanky wringers?


my, but you have a certain rhetorical flourish, don't you?

i'll stand with my original assessment. a little pack of snippy jackals. pussies. laughing.

john jay


Wow, cut loose by Crazy Pammy herself. Try not to drink yourself to death too quickly.


LOL, you even took trouble to de-capitalize my quotes. What a sad human being.

I note that you don't even try to defend your lie about Odinga being Obama's cousin.

You still haven't supplied any quotes by Obama supporting Odinga's election. That's the only thing that can be called "campaigning for Odinga".

As for the doorway at the Selma event, everybody was speaking there. If you think a couple of selectively chosen photos prove anything, think again. Oh, I forgot, you one must actually have a brain to do that.

Just as easily one can juxtapose photos of the UN podium, where Bush, Sarkozy, Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Putin and Obama spoke. Must mean they're all good friends.

What a clueless, pig-headed moron you are, my "friend".

no seriously... we've heard enough from you

this too funny
this wretch melodramatically promises he'll write no more, and naturally follows that up with TWO updates and numerous replies to comments. Well at least he's consistent with one thing... lying

john jay

ha ha:

aptly named. what a little twirp.

john jay

john jay

p.s. ha ha.


"ha ha: twice in the last several days i have been called "swine."
you cannot come up w/ a better insult than that?"

not a better insult, but a fact:

you're a sociopath.

not kidding.

you need help. You're going to hurt yourself, or others soon, as the depression peaks.

I hope the people calling themselves your "friends" have a clue where you're headed.

john jay


looked it up. its what i thought it was.

curious. odd, even.

but, to the matter at hand.

i am not a sociopath.

i like some people very much, and have had amazingly long term friendships with many people from divers backgrounds for many years.
many of whom do not agree with me very much about anything at all.

there are other people, however, that i do not like at all, and you would be correct to assume that of those, some i detest quite thoroughly.

and, for good cause.

i have very well grounded reasons why that is.

and, i am well past the stage in life where i feel that i must love people generally.

i have, as a matter of fact, an ethical and moral conviction that my thoughts along these lines are well grounded in the political, ethical and religious fabric of the enlightenment, and of the political movements which spawned this country.

a law professor once told me during an argument that i would have been very comfortable in the 18th century, which i took as a distinct compliment.

were you capable of reading you might check out other pieces in this blog to see what i mean by all that.

sociopath. no.

your friend. no.

friend and benefactor to those who love liberty, and aspire to individual virtue. oh, yes.

i am afraid you are not quite capable of comprehending.

john jay
milton freewater, oregon


What part of "I will write no more forever" do you not understand?

john jay


thick bastard, ain't you?

john jay

p.s. scroll up to the next post.


Who one has as friends says much, so does who one has as foes.

john jay


friends can disappoint but they stay friends. & are to be forgiven.

foes never disappoint, and they remain ones enemy, implacably. &, forever. never forgiven, never forgotten.

john jay

john jay


Topics of substance, awe, come on John! Stop letting your drawers (or should I say “panties” (assuming you’re serious about becoming a transgendered Marxist-Leninist sweat-hog boot licker)) twisted into a wad because Geller, whom I don’t know, and Spencer, whom I’ve known him to be an intellectually dishonest self-anointed elitist from my earlier associations between David Selbourne and his worship won't let you play in their sandboxes. I suspect as you most surely realize by this point that these two have no intent to ever share the lime-lights with others below their current rungs on the ladder of attention. If anything, your work is a threat to theirs. For example, I wrote a fairly decent piece shared with Spencer, “Fitma or Fitna” and my spell checker missed one freaking word – of course that word was the title word and Farsi to boot. But rather than note the error and move on to the crux of the article, he pissed and moaned about the miss-spelled word, yet found it useful to lift a good portion of my work (without acknowledgement of its source. After a short discussion with Selbourne (apparently Spencer did the same to him) it was decided that any further input to him would be copyrighted.
I‘m not whining about the slight, just sharing one experience with you. I write most of my papers for DoD, DA, and a couple combined forces; they seldom criticize the old general. That’s not to say there have been requests for clarification or additional information.

Your thoughts are all valid and hold great interest for many readers. Information is power, even when it fit into one's agenda. I recall several occasions when we exchanged thoughts; hopefully, for the enlightenment of the both of us.

Now, for some critical remarks, you’re not the only one with surgical or wound scars to show off. I hope that you’re not referring to scars resulting from having the boys bobbed and replaced with whatever they get replaced with. By the way, you’re going to need a new wig hat (I've seen pictures of your hairline) and some alligator shoes to pull that trick off with any form of credibility.

My latest scar looks like it should have a Delrin zipper slider indtalled and a gold belly button ring decorating what appears to be a new navel just above my sternum. This was to square away a problem I wasn’t aware I even had until I went to the doctors, who informed me that somewhere along my Type A+++ personality existence I had a worked through a minor heart attack without medical help. Hell, who knew, I just thought all those out-of-body experiences gained from my 31 year military career were perturbated by more than a few morons along the way. I entered a comfortable snooze only to awaken to what seemed a smoldering campfire in the center of my chest after a quintuple by-pass (I understand you had a similar experience). I did send a note prior to this event to pick your mind on “do’s and don’ts” but received no reply. I am scheduled to begin rehab later this week.

Before I can rejoin the Road Runner Teams, my next challenges include “chop and channel” jobs for new high-speed low-drag Titanium hip joints. The challenge I see is getting both legs back to the same length. If not, the consolation will make Wally appear longer. I hope by mid to late spring to be more agile and mobile like days of old when I can visit unfettered hostilities on the un interrupted flow of Muslim weapons and bad players across our south-western borders.

Why would you want to be anyone else but yourself? There is a time for all things – it is not your time fold your tent or forsake holding a wild animal’s life spirit in your hand. Chief Joseph along with the circle of my grandfathers would be saddened at your latest travails, but if you will listen, they will come out of the shadows of the campfire and give you good council. I know this is so, they have given me good advice during some of my dark hours. I bear the scars of a Nez Pierce medicine lodge awarded by a shaman many years ago (not bad for being great grandson to Quanah Parker’s full-blooded Comanche half sister).

You can’t lead from the rear of the formation. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?


JJ, are you going to let these pussies, faggots, and moral cowards get under your skin? By most of their comments it shows you know the combination of buttons to punch to get under theirs. By the way, if any of you brave-hearted dick-birds take exception to my remarks, I'd be happy to meet you face to face to resolve our differences. If you have balls enough to read the remainder of this note, you will see that I will be in a recouperative mode for a while, so plan on bringing firesticks. Even then, it won't be a fair fight. I've been accused of women and children. This is true enough; one only has to aim a little lower and not lead as much to bag the breeders and cannon foder.

john jay


i read both letters with great relish, and laughed heartily.

i doubt the boys with the soft pudgy hands understood a word.

good to hear that you are feeling chipper, i am not sure that at the point where you are in your recovery i could have written letters like these two.

you are, friend, a tough old bird.

i cannot say that i enjoyed the drain coming out from underneath the left rib, made the tube out of the belly seem a cakewalk, and though it didn't hurt the little gizmo in my right neck directly into the heart was a bit spooky.

i didn't mind so much, that was just pain.

but, lordie, i did not care for the drugs. i think that i was pretty addled for about a week getting all the drugs out of my system, and i had some pretty disturbing experiences in the middle of the night in the hospital, where you cannot buy a nurse who will come in and attend to their job.

it was really pretty spooky. i have talked to a lot of people about surgical and pain management drugs, and they have a lot of things to say about it, most of it not very good.

the doctors don't give a shit, so long as it keeps you from complaining. you cannot deny the cutters their skills, but they are not very much in terms of providing soothing confidence and comfort.

keep up the good fight.

what's this gonna do about flying, this quint. i only had a quad. i got lots of scars, though. laughing.


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