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October 18, 2011


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What was explained in blog was rightly said, I would like to forward this post to my friends.. good work!!


john jay wrote: "...aged eli wallach is going to have to explain to yul brenner why it makes sense to kill the sheep who grows the wool, why it makes sense to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

"well, why does it make sense to destroy the very things that produce the taxes that prop up the state that distributes the largess of enterprise? directly to the ragamuffins, we might correctly observe.

"it would be funny, were it not so tragic. i guess that is what tragedy is, funny/pathetic that has very serious consequences.

"where does all of this go?"

I read a book that was devoted to answering this question. Its title is Atlas Shrugged and its answer is that it doesn't make sense to destroy that which keeps you alive if your goal is to live, but if life is not your aim, if you hate the good for being the good, the healthy and the beautiful for being healthy and beautiful, and reality for being reality, self-destruction follows quite effortlessly. The only caveat is that one must not allow oneself to know what one is aiming at.

john jay


thank you for a very careful read, and thank you for your very penetrating observations.

i hope you come back and read again, and comment again.


john jay

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