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February 04, 2011


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This article along with the progenitor 'demise of the nation state' is curative,and a full course thought provoking meal wrapped in one.

The western 'elites' have attempted, and largely succeeded in causing atonality in our culture.

Surely it is precipitous towards something different, and not 'holy' nor 'roman' as you made mention to.

A example of this to me is also a bible reference: Twelve spies sent into the promised land, only Caleb and Joshua saying it was possible. The question is then how in a center-less society can the weight of conviction prevail 2v10 without war...

The only answer I have to mind; namely people need to reaffirm that this is a short breathed experiment in Liberty, and it either is worth fighting for, or it passes to the normative enslavement epoch of man.

john jay


thank you for this wonderfully thoughtful comment.

i would have replied much sooner, but i was out of town for a couple three days visiting my daughter.

john jay


Thanks. I have studied for the last year in my masters program for Education through Liberty University, and consider the clear defined thought process you prescribe beneficial.

You have through this blog asked the question; reasoned alongside John Locke, Cicero, and set forth the ideas that are needed to bolster the ammunition of truth.

You then placed this in the American context with your defined approach to natural law, and contracts therein.

Summing my thoughts up; I find that there is enough material here to discharge a book into the seeking American mind. One heckofa titanic task it would be.


john jay

p.s., davin, re: 2 v. 10.

it ain't the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog in the fight that matters.

e.g., the 2 of the 2v10 must be determined to win.

Coinneach Newton

Perhaps this debate is best summed by your son's comment "so what" or rather his ability to make that statement with impunity, without fear of any consequence.

He also I would guess takes for granted his freedom to 'emulate Frusciante' and express his creativity through his instrument.

Simple freedoms like that have always been and always will be a struggle, both spiritally and physically. When we as a culture lose sight of that, when we become indifferent to the fact that our destiny lies in our own hands then we surrender our freedom and all that we are.

Ask your son, what if he were never allowed to play again? or listen to others play? Then imagine the plight of those under Islamic rule where musicianship and music is a criminal offense? Would his response be "So what"?

I spent thirty years of my life fighting to protect your son's and my two daughters right to say "So what" without fear.

I and those like me should not ask for thanks, or even recognition but only that our sucessors value what they have and are prepared to defend it. So what, will not do.

I hate Rap! and Hip Hop! But I would not ban it. I cannot ban it, and that's a good thing.So now I have to endure it in my house and in my car when my daughters are at home. It's a small part of the price I pay for what I believe in. I only hope they believe in it too.

john jay


thank you, sir, for your service.

and, thank you for this comment. you "get it."

john jay

Coinneach Newton


John I too play guitar. I have an Ovation Custom Legend and a Gibson Les Paul Custom. At present I have my eyes on a Larrivee PV-09 to take on trips and holidays.

The guitar I'd most like to own? Gibson ES175. In my experience if you want a really good steel strung guitar it has to be American.

Of course what guitar you play is influenced by what music you like. Like you I am a blues and jazz fan. Check out Al Di Meola's 'Consequence of Chaos' or Kiss My Axe, especially 'Southbound Traveller', 'The Embrace' and 'One Night Last June'

john jay


i hope you don't play guitar like i play guitar. after some years, i am finally approaching some level of beginner's competency.


i have listened to di meola a bit, and he is o.k., but doesn't really grab me.

i am sort of in the herbie ellis, joe pass time zone, and love to listen to them along w/ oscar peterson.

to me, it is all melody.

i am trying to learn old jazz standards, and love them. i am internalizing "stardust" right now, and working on grasping "harlem nocturne." i think the lounge lizards w/ john murie do a wonderful job on that, but don't think i will ever be remotely capable of translating saxophone into guitar. so, i will learn a slow and relaxed version.


john jay

p.s. and, yes, wouldn't a gibson 175 be grand. it is to dream for.

i am a bit different. i would like one in a light cherry sunburst pattern, quilted maple top. why not? hey, if you are dreaming, dream big.

wouldn't that be delightful, to own a guitar like that?

i am not sure that i can run fast enough to catch the armored cars anymore, to get a guitar like that.

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