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February 19, 2011


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There are reasons why the US military is adopting the FN SCAR for some of its operational groups.
1. Far and away the military prefers rifles that have the familiar AR\M16 lowers and trigger groups. This substantially cuts down on training time and costs.
2. The venerable M14 has made a comeback, surlpus weapons were dusted off and pressed into service with outstanding results.
3. A seperate gas piston cuts down on fouling.
4. The ability to change out barrels, although not groundbreaking, does give the weapon great versitility.
5. DSA's version of the FN may actually be a better "battle rifle", but is not as accurate as those of M14\AR design.
6. Except for a select few sniper systems, the military does not "manufacture" or "build" weapons systems.
7. It is no accident that FN has produced a weapon system that no other domestic vendor can offer.
Let's just hope this rifle serves our soldiers well in combat.

john jay


i see nothing about the fn scar that has not been done w/ the ar 15/m 16 platform.

a number of american vendors offer barrel change systems equally as handy as that on the fn scar.

as to your contention that no other domestic vendors can offer the fn scars features, look to lewis machine and tool, lwrc, and to bushmaster/remington with the acr.

i just don't feel compelled to accept your contention on this matter.

look, the fn scar is essentially an ar-15 rotating bolt, a kalishnikov bolt carrier, and the ar-15 operating system.

i just don't see that much that is innovative, or clearly superior to the ar-15 system.

why fix the situation, if it ain't broke?

john jay

Tom Welsh

It is odd that this submission pionts out the similarities and clearly misses the differences between these weapons. Any research on the SCAR 17 will uncover dozens of test fire testimony that reveal this weapon as having remarkably less recoil in comparison to all similar weapons. This is undoubtedly due to a great deal of r&d which is why the weapon is so expensive. The question we should be asking is, why buy a weapon that is so expensive?

john jay


as to recoil, one word.--

weight. the op rod features may attenuate recoil a little, in the sense of spreading it out over time.

but, weight is the key thing.

r&d? fn has been using that operating system for years. look at any of the .223 rifles that they tendered to the military market in the last ten years, and it is basically a kalishnikov clone.

what r&d?

the reason the rifle is so expensive, is because the gubment is a compulsive buyer who'll spend all your money without a care in the world.

i would buy a scar 17 for one reason, and one reason only, (regardless of cost), and that is because with the scar 17 in .308 caliber a person can easily adapt it to fire "wildcat" rounds on shortened .308/7.62x51mm cases, such as the .280 brit, and have a fine intermediate powered round.

otherwise, the the fn scar is a tub of plastic to me.

john jay

p.s. if you wanted to give me one, i wouldn't sniff at it, because it is going to be as reliable as any other ar-15 type weapon.

it ought to be. the major operating systems, e.g., the bolt carrier group and bolt, along with barrel extension, are lifted directly from the ar-15/16 systems.

john jay


" ... the .223 rifles that they tendered to the military market in hte last ten years, ... , is basically a kalishnikov clone [insofar as regards the op rod segment of the rifle, the bolt carrier/bolt groups being ar-15 clones."

pretty hard to find anyone making a semi auto/auto rifle anywhere, that is not a copy of the stoner system.

those that aren't, are a copy of the armalite 180 rifle. i don't think stoner had anything to do with that one, but, he might have.

but, the world's small arms makers copy the armalite, with no apparent shame at all.

they work. simple as that.

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