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January 11, 2011


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I remember seeing one of the bumper stickers on the walls of The Cozy Dog along Route 66 in 2002 which read, "I'll forgive Jane Fonda when the Jews forgive Hitler."

We should also probably point out as often as possible that the commission of political assassinations is way outside the character of American Conservatives, but is well within the character of Marxist revolutionaries, whose ideology (or should it be idiot-ology?) that a whole lot of Democrat Party members share. IF ANYONE's incendiary rhetoric set off Loughner (seemingly inspired by Marxist revolutionary Adolph Hitler and Karl Marx himself), it was the willful and intentionally incendiary rhetoric regularly practiced by the political Left - they seem to be the only ones that ever practice it. And it is also well within the character of Marxist revolutionaries and other Leftists to lie like a Persian rug, which their libelous insinuations in the wake of the Tucson shooting illustrate vividly. If the Leftists want to try to sucker-punch the public with their lies, let's hit back twice as hard with the truth that exposes the Left for who they truly are.

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