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October 05, 2010


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Herman Benschop

I just love this piece of writing. It depicts Geert Wilders exactly like he is, the bravest man in Europe at this moment.
Wilders will NOT be silenced. Neither will we, his Dutch supporters. We will not be intimidated by the creepy medieval thugs and the left wing useful idiots that are actively encouraging them.

john jay


thank you for this comment. and, for the read.--

yes, i think wilders a man of tremendous intellectual courage, just a whole lot of physical courage, and of very staunch resolve.

he is a man.

and, no he will not be silenced.

you have no idea how encouraging it is for me to hear from one of his supporters, and to know that you will stay the course with wilders.

i had a history professor who once said something very interesting, discussing the last of the russian czars, nicholas ii (was it?).

he said, "to run a tyranny, you need a fully qualified tyrant."

the euro union presumes to a leftist tyranny run by bureaucrats, but, in my estimation there is not a tyrant amongst the mollusks. (thank you, o. fallaci.)

wilders will stare them down, and he will continue to speak and act as his conscience dictates.

john jay

Will MFS

Yes i believe this describes Geert Wilders quit accurately.He reminds me of the Dutch statesmen and leaders who stood up against the Spanish oppressor,no insulting just ...no more it stops here and now.A man who truly has great leader potential and a man who could go down in history as the man who turned the tide of Islam their "invasion"Just like the Dutch stopped the sea from invading their country and gradually took it back slowly but determined to succeed.

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