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October 24, 2010


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Steve Jay


I'm sorry, but either edit this piece so it can be read....or realize that even if there are glimpses of truth, it was written by a idiot.

john jay

steve jay:

what bothered you the most?

the punctuation?

or, the glimpses of truth?

you sound like a man w/ "glimpses of truth" issues.

if i edit it to meet your satisfaction but leave the "glimpses of truth" parts in, will i still be an idiot?


come on back, and leave comments. maybe you might find some more "glimpses of truth" which you will have to wrap your head around, and accomodate your "world view" to.

john jay

john jay

steve jay:

any chance that we are related?

i have a brother named steve.

and, i met another "jay" from california once, at a personnel office, when applying for a job as a bus driver trainee for seattle transit authority in the summer of 1968.

and, there is a jay who is a marxist in california, featured in a film called "the history of p.c." about the marxist leninist school of "thought" that fled nazi germany and came to the california university system, and spawned marcuse and the like.

which are you? if any?

john jay

john jay

p.s. personally, i think there more than "glimpses" of truth in it.

care to tell me what you think the "glimpses" are? laughing.

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