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September 10, 2010


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I agree. Not only has Pamela led the charge in the ways mentioned above, but she has also been the chief conduit of information concerning Rifqa Bary. I have linked to Atlas Shrugs innumerable times. Keep up the great work, Pamela!


Absolutely! She's an angel armed with the truth as her sword. Go Pamela!

Ad rem

What a beautiful tribute!


Stands and applauds. Very well done.


Brilliant piece John.


Well said John! She is a wonderful lady and you just said what a whole lot of us feel. She truly is an inspiration! I drop her line every once in awhile on FB just to say that very thing. She and Robert and Geert are my heros! God Bless you for writing such a well-deserved and articulate tribute to such a beautiful and fearless lady. God bless Pamela and all those in the fight w/ her! Be with u in spirit tomorrow. God Bless this USA!


She's my role model. Great to still have some when we're living in a world gone mad.


Yes, every word deserved. I've said it and posted it over and over,
'Thank goodness for Pamela Geller'

Have a really good day!


Superb and apposite tribute! Thank you for putting into words my feelings about and for Pamela! I love her, she is my hero!

Paul Nach



Beautiful story and she deserves many many more.A brave and awesome lady in the first degree. Thank you for writing this.

Nate Hall

Her site is the go to place for anybody wanting to know the real story, stories the ruling elite want to see buried. I've been following her for years and I am amazed at the energy level that has never ceased. An inspiration to all good souls everywhere.


I wish that Fox and others would invite Pamela on as a sole guest instead of always matching her up with some randomly selected talking manikin who usually manage to monopolize the conversation with their predictable inanities thus cutting into the time Pamela has to get her knowledgeable points across.

There is a verse from an Irish folk song that goes "Our pen is our sword and our voice is our cannon." That poetic verse describes Pamela perfectly.


Thank G-d for this woman. She is a spartan among mongrels. I have deepest respect for her courage, honor and service. My son told me about Pamela Geller because he had a crush on her as well as her world view. Hat tip to my son. Pam Rocks to say the least. G-d bless her always. G-d bless our troops and G-d bless USA.

Alec Rawls

Don't forget that Pamela also gave an early assist to the effort to stop the Park Service from planting the world's largest mosque atop the Flight 93 crash site:


A cause that she continues to advance:


Creeping Sharia has the latest (re-post of the full page ad that Tom Burnett and myself ran in the Somerset newspaper yesterday and today):


Thank you Pamela!

Kathy from Kansas

Thank you, John, for that VERY eloquent tribute to my conservative heroine!

Another thing I am super grateful to Pamela for is the ad campaigns in Florida and Chicago, on buses and taxis, to reach out to those who are trying to leave Islam, or save themselves from "honor killings." This is God's work, in my opinion!

In Pamela, we do truly see an amazing combination of beauty, intellect, bravery and passion!

Account Deleted

Mahalo John for your most perfect tribute to our Pamela. Her daily blog has been part of my day, her credibility, demeanor and inner beauty (outer too) being the primary reason for my loyalty to this "Great Lady". She radiates with her passion in connecting the dots. We get it, thank to her tenacity.

As for Fox News, they are number one because of their "perfect timing" vs tabloid mentality. They categorically chose their guest in the right moment...it's Pamela's time now and viewers are ready for her voice.

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