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September 21, 2010


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GM Roper

Elbaradei should have been shot after the Iran fiasco. Them's my irrational, but honestly held thoughts.

john jay


those actions he took while director of the international atomic energy agency have to be looked upon in a different light now that his association with the muslim brotherhood comes from the shadows.

how much of the famous c.i.a. "switcheroo" on iran's nuclear weapons drive is attributable to the influence of the united nation's agency?


and, now it comes out that the "switcheroo" was not based upon any change in intel data, just a "reading" of iran's intent?

elbaradei have anything to do with that, and in protecting his co-religionist's ambitions for power in the region?

it took the props out from underneath bush's resolve to support an israeli strike.

john jay

p.s. dipolomats gotta learn that just because you can stuff islam in a $1500 suit and $600 shoes does not mean that it is islam.

you can make islam suave as hell, and those handsome tall dark ones sure make the ladies swoon and they little what's-its snap like castanets, but it does not change islam's basic drives toward religious conquest.

and, sure as hell, not when they have it up. like they do now.

scratch deep enough, prick 'em deep enough, and they bleed islam and big mo's teachings.

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