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September 05, 2010


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John Somebody

So you think that Israel has a right to exist ? Hang on. Palestine was never invaded by Palestinians. Therefore, it must have been invaded by someone elde, for there to be, millions of refugees, who would be, in possession of that land, otherwise. So:
1, Their parents /grandparents had a right to resist zionist invaders, (whilst being deprived of weapons, by Arab collaborators.
2, Those to whom the land belongs, have a right to return to it. While the theives deny that right, the victims have a right to throw out the theives. This is difficult while the thieves are armed with billions of US dollars in aid and weapons, with which to terrorise the victims. This is not to try to justify the killing of innocents, not even paying taxes, in Israel. But if you identify who does most of ther killing, you will know who has most reason to retalliate, and who does most to provoke the next round of violence. Israeli settlers, (colonists) are a bunch of paramilitary organisations, and as such, the adults amongst them, are legitimate targets. Willing taxpayers in Israel, subsidise the army, that defends the theiving paramilitary settlers, and so, are legitimate targets.
A state / society which depends on creating an exodus of refugees, in order to exis, (and therefore on killing for racial reasons [genocide], in order to exist, has no right to exist. Its defenders have no righjt to be defended, by anything, or anyone.

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