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August 07, 2010


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Mad Gorilla

Hey, Winter, Mad_Gorilla from 68forums here. One thing you should include in your article (if I missed it, my bad) is what the "practical zero" range is for each, or "maximum effective range" if you will. That is the zero range at which the rise above the line of sight before zero and the drop below past zero allow you to aim dead on at your target. For example, the average whitetail has a kill zone about 12" in dia. So, push the zero out until the rise above LOS is about 5", and then check the range beyond zero where drop is about 5" below zero. That is your maximum effective range. In most cases that is well beyond the range most people should be shooting at. That range will vary according to the muzzle velocity and ability of the bullet to resist drag.

All in all, though, a good article, and I, too, would pick the 6.8. Oh, wait, I already did that!

john jay

mad gorilla:

for hunting i sight in about an 1 1/2" at 100 yards, and then i hold on hair. i won't take the cross hairs off the animal, and if i am tempted to, i don't shoot anymore.

this happens sometime your 60th birthday, or so. i am 62. i think of all the animals i ever missed, it was because of shooting over the shoulders, or just shooting at ridiculous distances.

i don't mind crippling a target, but i do not shoot real long distances at animals. not any more.

plus, i don't like getting out of a nice warm sleeping bag when it is cold, and i want to be back to the tent in time for supper, and, ... , i just like watching anymore, pretty much.

i do like shooting the 6.8mm rem. though. it is a nice balanced round. i may hunt deer with it this year, or, i may just sit on ridges and watch sunsets with it, i haven't quite decided.

john jay

john jay

p.s. please tell everyone at the forum how pleased & gratified i am with the response from there.

right now, i am having hiccups with the password function. i jointed right at the switchover to the new boards, and the password function is driving me crazy. i am just gonna let it sit for a little bit.

but, i'll be back. a very interesting place. jjjay


Hey, this is longdayjake. I have a response for you. Send me your email address and I will attach my response.

john jay


i will see if you printed "handle" gives me enough for me to contact you with email.

i have had people try and make submissions via the "comments" section, but the typepad server tends to reject them as "spam," or, if too lengthy, just ash cans them.

but, i will see if i can reach you this way, first.

should be interesting.

john jay

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