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August 25, 2010


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John, I don't think it's any secret that the official Rifqa Bary site has become disinformation. This is likely to be for Rifqa's own safety. The rest of us do not have the "right" to know.

At this stage, I would not trust ANYTHING I read on the internet about Rifqa. Anyone who knew anything would be honour-bound not to reveal it. In the absence of real facts, at least one cyber-poster has meanwhile been caught out making stuff up.

My understanding is that Rifqa's friends know her whereabouts but that they have good reason not to reveal it. You can still contact her via Angela Lloyd until 10 November. I wouldn't panic unless you still lack information by that date.

To move away from facts and into speculation: a careful analysis of her lawyers' words indicates to me that, yes, Rifqa has in fact submitted some kind of immigration application. I presume she cannot be deported while it is pending.

I hope this gives you some peace of mind.

john jay


for the first time, i am inclined to disagree w/ you a bit.

none of the information i am interested in has by necessity to disclose her whereabouts, or compromise her security.

silence, at this point, serves only the interests of her representatives, and her "legal team." and, if she has an immigration application before the federal agencies, i would like to know what form it has taken, as i see no relief available to her under s.j.i.s., which is what the legal team muffed, in my estimation.

and, if i am wrong, i am quite happy to eat a little crow about it.

john jay


If I knew anything, I couldn't tell you, could I?

But you know who my informant is. I repeat: I don't believe you have any reason to worry right now.

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