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August 06, 2010


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The Sphinx

So you're taking an alleged support of abortion as an argument to divert attention from your call to murder people?

Fun fact: This Muslim here rejects abortions (with the sole exception of saving an endangered life of a mother) and is highly unimpressed by your deluded opinion that there is no such thing as innocence in Islam (*snort*) and therefore there are no innocent Muslims in the world.

I'm sure the FBI would be glad to have a few words with you on your bloodthirsty views.

john jay


so, am i to be given to assume that you disavow the jihad terror waged by islam upon the west?

and, there is no innocence in islam, as it comes to the jihad against the west.




you know, a matter no often noted but of considerable importance in my view of things, is that islamic jihad kills far more muslims than infidels, day in and day out, and eons past. to muslims, there are no innocents in islam. to muslims, moreover, there are no innocents amongst the infidels, and if you say to the contrary, you are a bald faced liar, simple as that. t.a.q.i.y.y.a., and, all that.

so, i feel quite comfortable in simply repeating what islam teaches me. there are no innocents in islam. period.

as to the f.b.i., it is a free country, even yet. do as you please.

john jay

john jay

p.s. when the saudi kingdom issues fatawa reaffirming the ancient "right" of all muslims, and all of islam, to kill non-believers, ... ,who are, by the way, definitely not "innocents" according to islam, ... , then i feel a kindred right to defend myself against islam in any manner i see fit.

spinx, i invite your reply. i would be especially entertained to see what you have to say about the pieces at gates of vienna and jihad watch, on this very issue, posted in my reply above.

The Sphinx

Don't bother with Gates of Vienna and Jihad Watch. For them, Islam is a monolith, Muslims are driven by the same motivations, and therefore, anything remotely Islamic is part of the evil establishment.

There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. Even then, has it never occurred to them - or to you - that the whole spectrum of human behavior and mentality will be represented in its entirety by Muslims? It's easy to find a few insane ones, and just as easy to conveniently act as if the sane rest does not exist.

It's easy to do with Christianity as well. Just fish out some Old and New Testament verses that - taken out of context - are extremely disturbing, point to the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the modern day Huratee, quote people like John Jay from Milton Freewater who use Jesus and the Prophets to justify violence and murder. Then just forget about the rest, and hey presto! You have created a hostile picture of Christianity that nobody can support.

Back to your heroes. They will never post stories like this:


Or this:


And even if they do, they will frantically try to twist it around to "prove" that these people are actually terrorists and want to destroy the world.

Robert Spencer has actually done this and tried to convince me personally that Indian scholars speaking out against terrorism are nothing of significance (There are 140 million Muslims in India), and that they probably mean the exact opposite.

As for that Khomeini quote: First of all, Khomeini does not represent Sunni (i.e. mainstream) Islam, him saying that says no more about Muslims than Hitler about Germans, and besides: Your his mirror image! I felt exactly as if I were reading your ravings with some exchanged words.

Anyway, usually I don't care too much about what crazy people say online, but I do take extreme offense in being included in your legitimate targets of murder, simply for being 'guilty by definition'. It means you would murder me and my family on sight, even though we've always stayed out of trouble and maintained a good relationship with people of all faiths and backgrounds.

Especially when your definition is based on a fundamentally false view on Islam.

But I see no use in trying to talk some common sense in such a misinformed psychopath like yourself. Goodbye.

The Sphinx

P.S. A link before the last line went missing:


john jay


do you personally repudiate terrorism?

do you deny the role of jihad in islam?

why has islam as a religious institution not repudiated terrorism?

why has islam as a religious institution not revised its doctrine of conquest by jihad?

will you publically renounce jihad on your signature, revealing your identity?

will you publically deny your obligation as a muslim, a member of the islamic faith, to obey islam's instructions on jihad, on your signature, revealing your identity?

will you publically deny you obligation to follow religious instruction or fatawa directed to you personally, to obey the jihad, on your signature, revealing your identity?

john jay
milton freewater, oregon usa

p.s. that is my name. this is where i reside. will you reveal as much about yourself?

p.s. it is quite satisfying for me to be compared to robert spencer. thank you for the compliment, though i am not sure you meant it as same. smiling.

and, you engage in taqiyya, if you insist that as a muslim you do not have religious imprimature, even a duty, to kill me as an infidel. please respond to that, if you would.

john jay


are you willing to assert that as an observant muslim you are free to ignore the instruction of islam on jihad?

are you willing to assert that as an observant muslim you are free to ignore the command of a recognized islamic cleric, say of the level of a grand ayatollah, to perform violent acts of jihad in the service of islam?

are you willing to assert those matters in your own name and under your own signature?


at services in the mosque you attend? if you did stand up and say those things, what would be the consequences?

you want to describe them?

john jay
milton freewater, oregon usa

john jay


with regard to speaking out in such terms at mosque services, ... , i think the imam would have you torn limb from limb on the spot.

am i being a bit overdramatic? what do you think would happen?

john jay
milton freewater, oregon usa

Snowman today

As my dear and long gone mother used to tell me when I was a wee lad and had a failing, "it's the truth that hurts". The truth seems to be a problem for the left, especially the hard truth. It's not about gay marriage, legalized drugs, or even guns/gun control, it's about FREEDOM which seems to be a hard thing for many to understand.

As for the Mslm commenter, you follow a false prophet and will find that to your dismay and displeasure come judgement day. A more murderous and immoral group has hardly existed in the last 1400 years save the Nazis and Communists.

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