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August 04, 2010


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Will le Fey

It's people like you who are the reason paper is being wasted on The Camp of the Saints and Caliphate when it could be used to print The Iron Dragon's Daughter and Coelestis.

john jay

will le fey:


i will bite.

you care just to explain what the iron dragon's daughter and coelestis is/are?

and, why i should be reading them, or sending a publisher my "ink" so that they can be published?

here's your chance.

john jay

Will le Fey

Coelestis is about colonization, in which a consul and a native surgically made more human are captured by insurgents and the native begins to reject humanity.

john jay

will le fey:

the author? publisher? title?

john jay

p.s. whose humanity? his own? those of his fellows?

the pitch?

john jay


might have better had said, "that of his fellows?"

will just "leave it" both ways. should cover it. jjj

Will le Fey

Her own.

It's by Paul Park; it's been quite some time since it was out of print, and I place the blame solely on you, the reader of horridly written propaganda.

john jay

will de fey:

i didn't say that i had read jean raspail's "the camp of the saints," only that i thought anne-kit's essay as republished at the gates of vienna a very good post.

and, the remarks about parallel's to be drawn in the present in the fictional time of the novel are drawn from anne-kit's exegesis of the book.

so, i am disinclined to accept responsibility for your favorite being either out of print or not widely read. laughing. mia non culpa.

but, i will go to my local dealer in used books, and see if i can either locate or order a copy of paul park's book. i reserve unto myself my ultimate opinion as to whether i like it, or regard it as "... horridly written propaganda," to borrow a phrase recently come acquired.

who know, maybe it will be well written propaganda, and, therefore, necessary to confront on its own terms. we shall see. laughing.

john jay

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