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August 04, 2010


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We need someone who will call the jihadists exactly what they are - the sworn, eternal enemy of all humanity - and take a "Go ahead, make my day!" attitude toward them. Someone eager to take them on, defeat them, and then pour on the humiliation once they are beaten.

john jay


i have always thought that winston churchill understood islam about as well as anyone.

i highly recommend "the river war," churchill's account of the english campaign to atone the death of general gordon, killed at khartoum at the start of the mahdi uprising. it is a fascinating read about a military campaign that was as much an engineering feat, and it delves deeply into understanding of the muslim psyche.

churchill would be an assett were he alive today in defending against jihad. he would show no reticence in dealing with the jihad in such a manner as to quell it very quickly.

john jay

john jay

p.s. make that "asset."

arizona pr firm

I can tell that is patriotism.

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