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August 10, 2010


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Hi JJ.
I see the leftist retards are still at it. Nothing much changes.

Chin up good man, keep fighting the good fight, and don't let them get away with their lies, which so easily roll off their smelly tonques.

You take care.


Can anyone tell me whether Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA),who strongly loves CAIR and even spoke at the CAIR convention, supports the Muslum Mosque at Ground Zero? Also, does Senator Schumer (D-NY) have anything to say about the Ground Zero Mosque?

john jay




i don't know. i really do not keep track of either politician, they being just a bit out of my neighborhood.

n.e. oregon, you know ... .

but, i am sure that rich davis knows sestak's posture in all this, as he follows sestak's perambulations pretty closely, and has been known to nettle him on occasion.

as to schumer, i would expect that he would rather not say anything at all on this one. "above the fray," and all that. but, if anyone would know what his "official position" is, or whether he has taken one, i suspect that it will be pamela geller.

i suggest you ask her at an appropriate article at atlas shrugs.

john jay


Where they are coming from?

Do any of you actully know what is enclosed in the big black box they worship call "MECCA"? They say it is "ALLAH" their god. Well it is a black meteorite, which they think is part of the "MOON" sent down to them from heaven. That's why they have the Cresent Moon as their symble. So they have been worshiping a stone as their god for all these years. Now you know why they are so crazy!!!!!

john jay


seems as likely an explanation as any.

any literature on this, i would like to look into this.

and, by the way, thank you very much for this information, it is something of which i was not aware.

john jay

Donald DaCosta

"Intellectual" musings leading to foregone conclusions based on "it must be so because it is what I, with my superior, college educated mind, think" rather than "it must be so based on relevant factual evidence" is a quintessential characteristic of the Left. They think it, so it must be and the debate is over. There is no argument or fact that can possibly be deserving of consideration.

This is the malaise that's been foisted on a complacent, gullible America starting with the radicals from the sixties who've grown more sophisticated, determined and clever with age and who have now, with the election of Obama, come much closer to achieving their radical agenda in the America they love to hate. And Islam? "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" and deserving of defilement and degradation to as wide an audience as possible. And one must give credit where credit is due....they have developed a very wide following for the clap trap they preach.

john jay


er yup.

john jay

Omgwana Kikbuti

Tony's comments were not QUITE accurate, but close. Here's the story from one website, but the Abraham insertion seems to me to be a little specious:

john jay

omgwana kikbuti:

thanks for the link.


do you have any links on your rock.

john jay

p.s. when you read the bible, you really come to appreciate the christian appreciation for the solid stance a good old rock gives to one. "he is the rock" is a pretty common observation.


holy shit is this your manifesto for like going postal? this thing is long as fuck you sound like a fucking psychopath

john jay


actually, i am very mild mannered, quiet spoken and very polite.

i open doors for strangers.

i have a short haircut, i wear white shirts buttoned to the neck with thin black ties, even on the warmest days.

i wear my black pants pitched high, and the cuffs high, with white socks and black crepe soled shoes that squeak when i walk.

i hardly ever raise my voice, and i always look away from people, as i do not like to be confrontational.

i do not use capital letters. like you. i do use commas, periods and other punctuation, however. sometimes, however, i do not use "however" correctly.

i hope this clears up the majority of your concerns.

john jay

john jay

p.s. ff, you would do well to think of wally cox, or perhaps steve urkel, to get the right mental picture of me.

stefan urquelle, on the other hand, is just a bit out of my reach. i do sort of aspire to being him, but i am not quite suave enough.

you know what i mean, stan?

john jay

posted by "carl" at "the leftist leviathan..."

Carl said:

"friends, if you wish to retain and preserve individual virtue, you are going to have to kill in order to do so... buy guns. buy ammo. be jealous of your liberties. and, understand, you are going to have to kill folks, your uncles, your sons and daughters, to preserve those liberties"

So you're an American neo-fascist killer that advocates people murdering their liberal relatives? Wouldn't that be called terrorism?

my reply below. jjay

john jay

my reply to "carl" to the above post, at "the leftis leviathan... ."

john jay said:

carl: no, i am not a fascist nor a neo-fascist.

i am, as a matter of fact, rather a federalist along the lines of the original federalists, bordering on jefferson's agrarianism.

i haven't killed anyone.

i do not advocate murder.

murder is a rather well defined species of homicide, which is criminal because without justification legally and becomes murder with a necessary element of malice aforethought to the non-excusable homicide.


what i do advocate, and quite plainly, is that a person is justified in taking life in order to protect himself.

it is a species of homicide which is, in hte proper cases, ruled excusable under the law when a person perceives, as would any rational man, that someone else's conduct places his own life in danger, and when the act of killing is both proportional to the threat posed to himself, and based upon a reasonable & rational perception of danger.

my writings in this field are premised upon those circumstances, and they search in a rather legalistic and philosophical manner to find a basis for the proper excercise of self defense, in defense of self and in defense of one's liberties, in the face of leftist and muslim attacks upon both or persons and the persons of others. as against the attacks of jihad terrorism, for instance.

and, that is the context of my writings, in spite of what your rather hysterical rhetoric would attempt to suggest.

so, no, my writings are not terrorism, and they threaten no one, ... , except perhaps, for those who might attempt to threaten my person or encroach upon my liberties.

i am not a terrorist.

i am a patriot, who will not stand for any attack or encroachment upon those ancient liberties enshrined in the bill of rights, and our constitution.

i am a retired lawyer, and a prosecutor for a goodly portion of that, and i am jealous of my liberties and my life & person. i will give neither up lightly to either islamic or leftist attack.

no, i am not a terrorist.
and, as phillip marlowe said to the lady with the nice gams, i am not a sap, either.

you sir, are hysterical. and, since you seem capable of little besides hysterical rant, not much to contend with.

but, i had not much to do this morning.

before you accuse someone of advocating "murder," it is best that you at least learn a rudiment of what the term/accusation mean.

your ignorance is palpable on the subject, as is your ignorance of self defense.

john adams, benjamin franklin, john jay, alexander hamilton, james madison, george washington, lighthorse henry lee, thomas paine, nathan hale, ... , patriots all, who advocated and who in fact killed to preserve their ancient liberties under the magna carta and under their natural law rights and liberties ... .

would you call them terorists? murderers?

i suppose you would, and in a little shrill high pitched voice at that. laughing.

go play stick ball in the street. it's where you belong, with the rest of the children.

john jay

t hag

this is literally word salad.

john jay

t hag:

i am, literally, crushed, tossed, shredded, and lightly oiled.

whatever. laughing.

john jay

john jay

p.s. then, pray tell t. hag, why all the fuss?

W.L. Barton

Poor little phobic right wing xebnophobe.
Did your mommy not breat feed you enough, or change your diaper too late?
Grow up son, and live in the adult world, for you can never live in Neverland.

W.L. Barton

Sorry about the typos, too much frosting on the cinnamon roll on the fingers.

john jay

w.l. barton:

tomorrow, just as today, i will wake up in my beloved n.e. oregon, and i will walk the roads of my valley and look at the hills, covered in the gold of wheat stubble and the purple hued fields which lie fallow, and i shall be renewed to my connection with the land and people of america.

that is my reality, not "neverland."

and, tomorrow, as today, you will wake up a smug, contented, and ignorant idiot. yeah, i know, it is a bit redundant, but it has a nice ring to it.

john jay

p.s. ah, frosting on cinnamon rolls. you may be an idiot, but you are not a complete idiot. good choice, with good strong coffee.

john jay

p.s. and, sonny boy, make sure you wipe the dribble from your chins, all three of 'em, this morning.

how's that for a dismissive diminutive? o.k.? "son." thanks, kindly old "da da."

what a twit!!


I really enjoyed learning the Dutch equivalent to Daily Kos (Keg O'Sh*T)

is the KRAPuul...LOL

and empathize with being attacked for saying the truth by hypocrites and liars, going through same since 9-11 but on a smaller scale-Atlas was the first blog I saw that said what I was thinking-
Bless your efforts and those of Pamela and Spencer so many others who are out front saying what we cannot say even in front of our own families anymore without being branded as bigot or crazy....Thanks



john jay


yes, the whole daily kos thing was pretty interesting, because i was hardly on daily kos's radar screen prior to "daisycutter's" attack.

i was a little puzzled at the length, vigor and vitriol of the whole thing at first. it was a lot of ink and a lot of effort devoted to exploring an article written at a small blog, by a fairly obscure blogger, e.g., me.

but, the purpose and design of the whole thing revealed itself in just a few days, as the only blogs that picked up the daily kos attack were a whole mess of left wing dutch blogs, which published an attack on a fellow from milton freewater, oregon word for word on their own pages.--

to be followed immediately by well orchestrated and coordianted attacks in daily kos, loon watch and krapuul & the other dutch blogs on the relationship between pamela geller, robert spencer adn geert wilders.

i was just a straw man, in a coordinated leftist attack to scare wilders away from the september 11 rally, and away from geller and spencer. the intent in discrediting and falsely portraying me was to defame spencer and geller by association, and then to scare wilders off, and to damage the rally here in the states.

that was the left's agenda here.

and, the left's agenda in holland was to smear wilders, and to damage his efforts to form a coalition government in holland.

the comments in the dutch blogs attacked wilders, and they launched vigorous campaigns to frighten and intimidate dutch politicians from having anything to do with wilders.

the "tell" in all of this was the exchange of comments in the comments sections of daily kos, loon watch and the dutch blogs by the same persons, ... , and, to my perceptions of things, along pretty well coordinated and predetermined lines.

jvdhuevel and walterr, whatever his tag, showed up everywhere.

the funny thing is, i think it all to no avail on their part. pamela geller and robert spencer did not disavow me or our association, and did not allow themselves to be pushed or influenced in the slightest by daily kos and krapuul, to the extent they paid even the slightest attention to them.

geert wilders was certainly not intimidated from maintaining his association with pamela geller and robert spencer, and gave a rousing speach at the september 11 rally, an event to which as many as 40,000 came and attended over the course of the day.

and, my readership spiked sharply for quite a while, but i have settled back into my obscurity. laughing.

you know, the odd thing is, i continue to get hits from the euro blogs to posts that i put on their comments pages, explaining my positions on various matters. apparently euros are interested in matters relating to one's duty to defend himself and his society, and they also hit on links to articles on muslim immigration which are largely suppressed in europe.

i am proud of my articles. and, i am especially proud that a fellow from milton freewater, oregon (certainly off the beaten path) gets links and hits from good european blogs.

isahiah62, thank you for your comments. it has been fun.

i hope to piss off the dickless wonders at daily kos again, and soon. although i do owe them thanks for one thing.--

i read their post, and their allegations, and their characterizations of me and the things i had written. and, then i went back and re-read the things that i had written. and, i disavowed none of it, because it stood up to their criticism, and because i am right.

their shrill hysteria amounts to nothing when set against the logic and reason of what i had written.

they are asshats. bring it on, daily kos. let's have another round.

john jay

p.s. in this case, "daisycutter" fizzled. phfffftt!! btw, any idea who "daisycutter" is?

john jay


the irony here.--

the dutch left attacks wilders, perhaps the one man in europe who may yet prevent the entire continent from becoming in fact a "krapuul."

from becoming a european shithole much as the entirety of the middle east and the rest of the muslim world is a shithole.

to my poor "benighted" view, at least.

john jay

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