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July 05, 2010


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I should read them, too. One of the things I find stultifying is the cult of KJV onliests who believe the King James Bible is the ONLY word of God. Some of my favorite philosopherbloggers are orthodox and catholic, so KJV only wouldn't be their cuppa, you know what I mean?
I should get myself an orthodox bible for myself. Surely God hath protected Word from time immemorial and one can glean truth from the orthodox texts as well.

john jay

jau jau:

you mean that there is another bible besides the king james?

is that what you are sayin'?


yeah, it is pretty interesting on what gets in and what doesn't get in.

i personally am finding enoch quite interesting, and i would dearly love to know when it was written.

from the commentary at the website, the implication is that it was written well before other books, which fact is supported that both enoch and the book of enoch are quoted by various persons, including jesus's brother, james.

very interesting.

and, i love this business of objects made of crystal and powered by flame, taking people away in whirlwinds.

very interesting, indeed.


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