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July 09, 2010


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John Ray

You have "regretted nothing and learned nothing"

GM Roper

John, none of my business, but as a long time (but mostly unread) blogger, flame wars seldom do anyone any good. :(

john jay


i don't expect to gain very much by this. it is a waste of time, and no one is interested in it except the immediate participants.

this i know.

it doesn't take a rocket scientist to get that.

and, i do not begrudge people their comfort and complacency. nor do i begrudge them their insufferable arrogance and patronizing attitudes.

having said that, neither will i be pushed around by them. and, nor will i suffer being patronized.

in the immediate letter above yours, resides that combination. in spades.

that which i have not "learned" in mr. ray's estimation, when it comes right down to it, is to heal to the little coterie that thinks they run things.

i have never been very good at that, and i do not expect to get any better at it.

but, george, thanks for you concern. and, know that i am "holdng up" well. laughing.

i practiced law for 25 years, trial work and the like, and these little exchanges don't count for much on the old strain meter, getting merely into the "irritant" category.

john jay

john jay

ah, mr. ray:

i live for the day when i do something that will meet with your approval.

really i do.

how's this? --

The Rain In Spain Falls Mostly in the Plains.

goodness, every work capitalized. it is ever so much clearer than if i had written, ... , the rain in spain falls mostly in the plains, ... , which must be absolutely incomprehensible to most.

oh, would that i could do better, but, alas, i fear that it is not to be.

well, you are the captain of the punctuation/grammar police, so i wish you well. in your endeavors. to bring the world to heel.

john jay

p.s. don't loose too much sleep over me. i have long since been accomodated that you don't read much, you just pronounce your favor.

john jay

mr. ray:

i have long since learned that it is just rudimentary civility, which is really all i expect of anyone, including you, to include a salutation in letters & even notes.

this is apparently a little nicety which you do not feel obliged to observe.

well, to each his own notions of what constitutes courtesy. you, yours. me, mine.

gosh, just who arbitrates who is correct? oh, yes, i forgot. you do.

a legend in your own time.

john jay

john jay


in the letter to g.m. roper.

"heel" for "heal". to follow at the heel, as a well behaved dog, as opposed to getting better, as in a cut scabbing over, or a festering sore going away, ... , which, come to think of it, migh be appropriate in this situation. let me think it over. laughing.


John Ray is complaining about your spelling style? Why does it concern him? (shaking head)

If I could insert one of those smiley face icons that had a BS flag, I'd do so.

Be yourself, Mr. Jay, and trust your perspective, the nay-sayers can go pound sand.


Francis W. Porretto

Stick to your guns, JJ. As my beloved colleague The Big Dog ( http://www.onebigdog.net ) likes to say, "Never surrender. Never submit."

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