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July 05, 2010


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I just had a little browse around your blog. Very few comments left overall, very islamaphobic, very pro zionist, now i understand your dislike of the lebanon\ fadallah situ....perhaps the bloody nose they gave israel a few years back is still hard to bear. My 2nd and final ever post on this waste of space.

john jay

london calling:

as to islam, i don't fear it. i am not ignorant of it. i just don't like it, regarding it as a barbarity whose time has long passed.

i hope that islam suffers the same fate as fadlallah, and dies a natural death, and, soon. if islam continues to transgress against the west, and continues the terror jihad, then i hope the west simply kills it and puts the world back into good order.

yes, i am pro-zion. you aren't?

are you pro-islam?

then, in my estimation you are both an idiot and immoral, as you have picked palpable evil over good.

as for me, i will take beethoven and mozart and michaelangelo and the christian bible over clever tile work and the koran, any day of the week.

if by "lebanon/fadallah situ ...." you mean to say that hezbollah gave israel a bloody nose the last little excursion into the land of hezbollah, ... , well, you are welcome to your opinion on things military.

you don't count coffins very well, you don't understand that israeli forces rolled over defenses prepared in depth for years with very few casualties, you don't understand that within a week the road to beruit lay absolutely wide open to israel, ... , hey, you don't understand much, ... , but, you have an opinion. my only observation would be is that opinions are just like nipples, ... , everybody's got 'em, some support by fact, and some fashioned from whole cloth, ... , but, everyone has at least two of 'em.

you are welcome to your nipples, and you are welcome to your opinions.

london. as in merry olde england.


and, you are welcome to your muslims. enjoy them, as you piss away what remains of your liberty.

as oriana fallaci would say ... . mollusk.

john jay
milton freewater, oregon usa

p.s. just to be clear, let me ask ... . do you assert islam over christianity? muslims over england? or, are you simply a multi-culturalist? (which means, of course, that you choose surrender to islam over fighting for your heritage. which makes you a coward as well as an idiot.)

no offense, meant, of course.


You know, john, whenever I am confronted by one of these lyin' so 'n' so's I always ask them: Which of the 72 brands of Islam is the best? and of course, they say there is only one, but if you take the time to do so...go to faith-freedom.org and read up on the 72 sects of Islam...it might have become 73, depending on if you include Nation of Islam, but just start reciting the brands of Islam off one by one, and my, I'm telling you, boy, that you get vexation like nobody's bidness!

john jay

hey, pretty jau jau:

how are you doing?

laughing. yes, it is hard to understand how there could be 72 versions of the "one true word" of g_d, and 72 differenct theologies derived from that one true word.

of course, this little "schisms" explain why muslims go around killing each other, and everybody else, with such enthusiasm and fanaticism. hey, you don't agree with my true version of g_d's word, so, it's slice and dice time for you.

i read at atlas shrugs yesterday that some poor hapless hindu professor had his hands cut off because he asked an exam question that some found "offensive."

hey, is it a virgin from every sect that one gets, when one goes to heaven.

where in the hell do all these virgins come from? leave aside the old joke about who is a virgin in south carolina, ... , any 3rd grader who can out run her cousins, ... , surely a joke capable of transposition to most islamic societies, ... , an the mathematics becomes quite daunting.

given that females in most societie run about 51% to 49% for males.

some of these virgins, therefore, gotta be doing "double duty," to make up the earthly demographic slack. and, doesn't that sort of run contrary to the concept of "virginal?"

just askin'.

" ... that you get vexation like nobody's bidness." yes, touchy lot, aren't they, and quick to take umbrage, even when no offense was meant.

like, you know, somebody will get mad about my comments about islamic heavenly virgins having to service multiple wicks, as it were.

but, hey, the math compells the result.


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