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June 24, 2010


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What you going to do? The Green things are going to eat you anyway!

john jay



but, i am going to stick in a few craws as i go down those gullets, ... , there are gonna be a couple of 'em find this old gristle a bit difficult in the chewing, ... , and some of 'em are just gonna choke on me, nay, unto the point of expiration, themselves.

even the lions have an occasional face kicked in, a jaw broken, some teeth extracted by the kick of the doomed gnu, ... , and go down with him.

it brings a very pleasant smile to my face to think in such terms.

so, what am i going to do? if events turn as you feel may be inevitable.

i am going kicking, screaming and clawing my way into oblivion, enjoying every second of it.

john jay

john jay

p.s. let 'em come and get me. it will save travel expenses. laughing.

john jay


still laughing at your comment.--

you have brought a smile to a tired, old & gruzzled face, ... , formulating my reply.

thank you. there is still a little sport left in the settling of these matters, enough for anyone.

john jay

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