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May 27, 2010


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khansa bilal

this dipicts pamaella's conservative attitude not onnly towards religion but also towards humanity.let me suggest u to kindly read out the history of muslims and make it very clear that we muslims are ready to die but can never leave our relegion.we like hazrat bilal will keep saying ahad ahad.....

john jay


no one in this country is encouraging muslims in the united states to leave their religion.

but, we are insisting that muslims who live in united states understand that observance of our laws comes before observance of one's religious instruction.

and, that is the problem, isn't it?

because muslims insist that it is more important that they follow the instruction of islam, and the customs of their homelands, than to follow the laws of the country they live in, that being the u.s.

in this regard, muslims have attempted to enforce islamic fatwa's for those muslims who become apostate for one reason or another, or punish those members of family or spouses who do not follow the strictures of islam.

thus, we have seen muslim husbands behead their wives for transgressions against islam, and we have seen muslim fathers kill their children for disobeying family rules and traditions, and islam.

we are a nation of civil law, not religious law, and those practices cannot be tolerated.

and, then there is the matter of jihad. which as you well know, means that islam engages in a practice of forcing others to convert to islam by the sword, or by conquest. jihad is not just a spiritual quest, but the waging of aggression and warfare upon other populations. islam wages jihad on the west all over the world, and islam seeks to dominate india and pakistan, by sujecting hindu and sikh populations to islam.

and, islam wages jihad against the west and the united states all over the world.

finally, islam wages its program of religious conquest from its churches and schools, and the center of this is the mosque. islamic clerics and imams instruct muslims to wage jihad, and issue specific fatwas against opponents of islam, which is in essence a command to faithful muslims to committ murder in the name of islam.

you know that i make none of this up.

it is islamic instruction.

i oppose the construction of mosques in this country, period, for that reason. they are centers for planning and executing jihad.

and, i oppose the presence of muslims in the united states until such time as they agree to follow the laws of our country, and recognize those laws as supreme over the religious instruction of islam.

and, this, dear sir, you and your fellow muslims will never agree to. just as muslims in england, france, german and sweden, you will attempt to impose islamic sharia upon the entire united states, and this is a stated objective of most muslim cleric and imams who reside and instruct here.

you state that muslims are ready to die but can never leave your religion.

well, i am ready to fight and die to preserve my religious liberties and choice, and i am quite prepared to do so. and, i see no reason why 300 million americans should give way in such matter to 6 million muslims, and i think not many americans do.

i do not want you here.

for the simple fact that you are not willing to coexist with other religions, as catholics and protestants and adventists and buddhists and hindus one to the other in this country, but you seek to dominate, and you will use politics, law and violence in order to conquer and impose your values.

my own view is that anyone who is not willing to observe the laws of this country in that regard should be deported.

if a muslim army floated up to our shores with the announced goals of imams in this country, we would destroy it. yet we foolishly allow muslims to live here who advocate our conquest.

to me, this is silly. and, such muslims should leave or be deported.

i am afraid that until all muslims renounce jihad, and denounce it the world over, and until muslims give up the practice of attempting forced conversion to islam, and until muslims can follow our laws and customs, they remain my enemies, and i must remain their implacable enemy and foe, as i remain yours unless you agree to those standards as a condition for remaining here.

and, yes, i will not leave my religion, and i will fight and die to protect it.

i perceive it as you and i, good sir, being bitter and implacable enemies, until you give way. and agree to abide by our rules.

if you do not agree to this, please leave the country.

john jay

dave in dallas

Amen, Mr. Jay. George Washington fought for religious freedom, and was well known to encourage all religions to live in peace and to prosper in America. He assumed that all would respect the others, and in his time they did.

The one religion that will not, ever, live in peace with others is Islam. The word means "submission" or "surrender". I hear lots of chatter about how the radical elements are small and on the fringe, and that most muslims love peace. If that were true, we would hear many public calls for the radicals to abandon their terrorism, and many public APOLOGIES from the peace lovers for the destruction wrought in the name of Islam. They would feel badly about it, as we Christians are constantly encouraged to feel badly about the Crusades and the Inquisition.

But they don't. Islam does not speak against terrorism and jihad. Islam does not DISAGREE with it, and the few muslims who do are the ACTUAL fringe elements.

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