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May 29, 2010


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Jonny Jay, i broke your writing into verses for a rock ballad that one of the students where i teach wrote...& would like your permission to perform it....perhaps send you the tune ... is this OK??


she flew by, her lonely sojourn over the field /marked by slow progress

into the wind, and then swift departure /as she exposed her wings to it,

She swooped in low over the field tracking into the wind /to be carried off somewhere else

indifferent gust and her apparent whim.
her method of the hunt,

who am i to wonder at her chosen prey,
carried off somewhere else
better to somewhere else

as I slid down the back to the road,
She swooped low over the field tracking into the wind in the short twisting allies

and streets of the old neighborhoods? she worked upwind
skipping across diagonally

who am I to question
the huntress & her craft
who am I @ last...

who am I to wonder
@ her chosen prey
who am I anyway

as I reach the end of my outbound course,
the fulfillment of some inner destiny

I thought, there are no question marks as I questioned
her wisdom to be hunting there

john jay

dear lightning:

no, i don't mind at all.

simply append, "inspired by: jjay @ wintersoldier2008."

break a leg.


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