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May 25, 2010


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marc in calgary

that's distressing.

It's been 20 years now since I've thought that someone was going to conduct a nuclear exchange. I've forgotten too much of what we were told is the potential for widespread destruction. I recall how the leadership circle in N. Korea had accepted that the loss of a quarter of their populace was somehow acceptable to them, so long as it meant the current leadership structure would remain.

I've seen some of the combat footage of their previous fighting, and heard comments from vets of that war, it fully supports your first few paragraphs regarding brutality.

I fear also, the temptation for those players in the middle east, to see this as an opportunity for their advancement against Israel.

This is the serious shit jj


Thanks for this post. It brought back memories of the 1st model airplane I built - and painted - an F86 Sabre in the livery of the South African Air Force (in which I went on to serve in 85-87; doing border duty in Angola and what was then South West Africa).

My home country (South Africa) fought alongside Americans and others in the first Korean war.

This time, however, I doubt if our socialist-led government will do the same.

Hein Garek

I agree with Seraf; Nice post, good thinkin' material. Thanks!

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