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February 16, 2010


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What are your thoughts on the 4-cylinder engines used in the last generation of Jeep Wranglers (up to 2005 or so)? I'm considering buying a Jeep and have heard that those little motors are rock solid as well.

john jay


nothing wrong at all with either the 6 or 4 jug jeep motors. not a damn thing.

if you can get them without electronics.

and, as to the jeeps, if you can get them without all the electronics.


p.s. one other thing on the "iron duke." being part of the "small block" family, pistons, piston rings, valves, rocker arms, studs, valve springs, and, i am presuming, even main bearings adn journal bearings, plus connecting rods, all interchangable.

assuming scroungers, there should be enough parts to scrounge for iron duck parts until the end of time. at 2.5 liters, they are about 150 cubic inches, so about 1/2 of a 302 c.i. displacement motor, well on the small size of the small block's size range, which went stock up to 400 c.i. a person should have plenty of "overbore" ability in refurbishing the little iron duke, in terms of boring and smoothing cylinder walls and the like.

and, if the people at g.m. had any sense and kept the collant passages and head bolt patterns the same as on the small blocks, there is almost an infinite supply of head combination that would bolt right onto the duke.''

i would like to see the hamlet so small that it didn't have a couple chevy small blocks laying around somewhere.

nothing wrong with jeep motors. the 6 and 4 are very good. not just as ubiqutous as the old iron duke. and, probably not too many that weren't computerized, one way or another.

i have seen and heard chevies going down the street, it was a miracle they were running. i have never heard a jeep in such a state of disrepair on a computer engine doing the same.

and, that is the point. laughing.

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i would like to see the hamlet so small that it didn't have a couple chevy small blocks laying around somewhere. http://www.rapidsloth.com

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