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February 22, 2010


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Frank Ch. Eigler

jj, "this conceit professes to deny the possibility of ... things beyond human comprehension"

Don't be so offended. Perhaps all such positivist folks are thinking is that, _in principle_, _some day_, we may understand anything we set our minds to. In a way it is a statement of faith, though well-justified in terms of human progress in actually understanding chunks of the world.


"instead of admitting openly that some things lie beyond human comprehension, this conceit professes to deny the possibility of such things"...

It's not a resilient construct and the doors they close off make them less interesting as interlocutors, which is why they're often reduced to talking to themselves.

Perhaps arrogance in this case is merely fear.

GM Roper

Ohhh, I like what JJ has written and the two comments above. This is going to be a VERY interesting series.

Thanks John, you ALWAYS excite.

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