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February 18, 2010


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GM Roper

Not knowing anything about the late Mr. Stack, and being a fairly good diagnostician, I can truthfully say that sometimes also, the crazy are just crazy.

My heart goes out to the families of all the deceased, they are the innocent ones in this drama.

Good post John, thanks for the heads up! I'm linking to it later tonight.



Read this


The idea that Stack was a nut, is too simplistic.

john jay


it will be very interesting to see how the mainstream media "portrays" mr. stack.

my guess is they will dismiss him as a lunatic, and bury him a.s.a.p. there will be no search to see whether his motive was "legitimate" in any sense.

some on the left will chose to view him as the "right wing" extremist they fear so much, ala the dept. of homeland security report on right wing "extremism."

mostly, he will be buried as quickly as possible, i think.

a bad example to a restive populace: remember, the "mainstream media" views participants in "tea parties" as extremists on the verge of terrorism.

the media types do not want the rest of us dwelling on mr. stack's example very long. i think his "manifesto" in the last letter will become increasingly difficult to access.

no accident that the f.b.i. pulled it down so quickly, with the connivance of the blog administrators.

does the word "suppressed" have application here?

john jay


does the word "suppressed" have application here?


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