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January 09, 2010


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EU laws are just paper laws, made without any consultation with the people of Europe. EU laws are therefore just like the EU itself, a paper organisation fully staffed with placemen and bureaucrats, who will fold like a house of cards at the first whiff of powder.

What encourages me in this view is what happened when Italians decided to take their anger out on the Roma, when a Roma had raped and murdered an Italian woman (European and EU citizens). Italians wanted them out, and set about twisting the Italian government. The government, wholly committed to the EU took fright, and started the deportations. Meanwhile the EU, which should have called the troops out against Italians, or warned the Italian government against any such action, simply kept its head down. They realized that if they interfered, they would be held responsible, and unlike the Italian government, Italians have even greater contempt for the EU.

We will pull out of this the moment we start a fire.

john jay


i admire your pluck, but i think that you are whistling in the wind.

from what i can see, the euros are incapable of precious little along the lines you see, except for rioting over football matches during the cup.

yes, the euro laws are written on paper. just as all the treaties creating the euro, and the euro mark, and regulating almost all aspects of european and british life.

just as the treaties with the north african nations setting up the immigration policies we speak of, signed by the euro union, and by representatives of each state in the euro union, and ratified by each state in the euro union.

and, i would remind you of something else, touched on in my latest post, above.

the hate speech laws such as the dutch law under which geert wilders is prosecuted, are laws of the individual states. wilders is prosecuted under dutch laws, by a dutch court and dutch prosecutors.

do you think it chance that the euros & the dutch has picked on a dutch member of parliament, one who would stand a good chance of being prime minister if elections were held tomorrow?

no, it is not chance.

they make a point.

and, no euro rises to oppose the point. they curtail his speech to preserve order, and no dutch man rises to disturb that order.

john jay



The EU has been successful because it has kept out of the limelight. They rule from behind the curtain.

The EU got greedy though. Not content with ruling from behind the curtain, they wanted the adulation as well.

I believe this has been a mistake. The EU will become unpopular, as our own politicians, afraid for their future, will point the finger at the EU. There is much that is going to go wrong, and the EU will catch the blame.

Now JJ, it seems black at the moment, but if we lose the hope that we will win, then we will have lost anyway.

I have greater fear for the USA - unlike Europe, it has nothng intrinsic to secure it.


The armed citizenry with a spirit of liberty is our intrinsic security, DP.

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