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January 23, 2010


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FoC (Friend of Cicero)


If I may:
"I am not trying to tell people what I think but to get them to think and I think that, by any reasonable measure, I have failed".

How is that? I would imagine that less than 3% of readers comment on blogs as most don't want to express/are uncomfortable expressing themselves in a public forum. They are trying to inform themselves. The posts you write are lengthly, well researched (it's that country lawyer thing, I guess) and complete. They take time to read, to absorb and to think about. I agree that readers would find if difficult trying to absorb what you are trying to say. It is tiring to learn. But, even though readers aren't commenting I think they are thinking. Wasn't that what you said you were trying to do? Therefore, how have you failed? I fail to see you've failed.

"I conclude only that I have indulged fantasy in thinking I have ever made a difference, whatsoever."

Now, that's a different critter. I imagine one who commits the effort to create a blog and service same, does so because they want to or are driven to do it. The gas tank will, at some point, run on empty....fact of life IMO. As to having "ever made a difference, whatsoever"...? I believe that you have.

Now that I've 'got you straight' what kind of guitar do you play? And what tunes do you play/listen to?

If you like mandolin check out YouTube for Steve Goodman-Jethro Burns "City of New Orleans". That'll help lighten today's load.

That , Sir, be some fine pickin' !


Just Another Richard

JJ. I think your analysis, while correct in many aspects, misses a fundamental problem of our age; namely, that few individuals like to read, or at least read anything in depth. Always remember, we live in an time where deep thinking is an anathema to the puerile pursuits favoured by the idols of our age.

Actually, as one who has been guilty of not posting a comment upon your labours of discovery, I must profess that I too have been worn out by the seemingly endless failure to engage with the wider public. People are intrigued, but wish to put little or no real effort into understanding the causes of our social incontinence; it is simply too much informational overload. The human mind has this unfortunate habit of closing down when confronted with complex and contradictory information coming from all sides.Now does this apply to your readers, who can say? However, may I point out that of those sites which you recommend, only jihadwatch has a substantial commentariat, (is that a word ... don't know, but it should be).

By the way ... playing guitar badly, can be equally as frustrating; I know, I've tried it myself.

I will miss your informative posts, but I will pop back occasionally to see if you've posted anything else.


You're right in alot of respects. But even in 4.5 minutes, some of us take away a great deal. I enjoy your posts considerably. There are times however that I just don't feel like dealing with some of the issues and I just don't read them. I frequent Pamela Geller's blog and jihadwatch. I also am quite fond of Gates of Vienna. And honestly about a year ago i almost gave up altogether blogging, because I was putting so much of myself into it with seemingly no return. Comment on my blog are incredibly rare, aside from the spa comment which are quickly rejected. You do provide a service to many I am sure. I apologize for not commenting as much as I probably ought to, but I am usually not online long enough to take the time to comment. At any rate, thank sir. I appreciate your insight.

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