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January 26, 2010


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Interesting that you talk about the EU's push towards the 'eradication of nationalism'. Perhaps that explains the intense area bombing of German cities during ww2? I mean, cities ooze national pride what with all those statues and grand structures... what better way to end German nationalism that to destroy all their cities (the old towns to be precise)

john jay


i think it reasonable to assume that the allies were trying to inflict as much damage upon german industry, the military and the civilian population as possible by the use of aerial bombing.

certainly the fire bombing of dresden was not calculated to be anything but destructive. some of the fire bombing raids in wwii were conducted against cities without much strategic value in a military sense, precisely because they were relatively undamaged and they wanted to be able to assess the damage inflicted by various weapons.

war is not nice. not by any stretch of the imagination. it is hard to kill your adversary in a humane way, especially when he struggles to avoid it.

simple truth.

john jay

p.s. war is terrible, and the conduct of war gives rise to terrible things.

it is one thing to wage it to destroy.

it is quite another to wage it in order to preserve yourself.

hitler and the germans deserved everything they brought on themselves by conducting aggressive war.

and, the allies were justified in everything they did, in order to preserve themselves.

i view islamic aggression the same as i look upon germany in wwii. and, i think israel justified in everything she has to do in order to preserve herself.

again, simple truths in my mind.

john jay

p.s. there is no dilemma or moral uncertainty raised by these issues in my mind.

somebody whacks you in the nose, you are in a fight.

if you are in a serious fight, you wage it seriously.

you don't dither, and you do not allow concerns of morality for stopping you from doing what you must do in order to preserve yourself.

plenty of time for contemplation later, by the fire, with your pipe and slippers, scratching the ears of your best dog.

you don't deliberate in a fight that is brought to you.


michael evans

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