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January 27, 2010


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Just Another Richard

Gert speaks for a rapidly growing number of Europeans ... this is what the elite fear, this is what the trial is about, their claque handed, riposte to bring down a very real and present danger to their continued hold on power.

I do not wish for Gert to be martyred, but if the elites are foolish enough to think they can get away with it, they might indeed try ... lets face it, their actions, or at least the consequences of those actions, over the last few decades, don't exactly inspire anyone with anything other than condign contempt ... a pack of rancid sewer rats, swimming in a fetid pond of moral turpitude.

We often feel that people are just too apathetic to respond, but I do sense a growing disquiet, a very genuine outrage, at the scale of sheer treacherous machinations, engaged in as an obvious ongoing, deliberate attempt to socially engineer outcomes attuned to the socialist utopian fantasies ... against the expressed will of the general population. Can the gatekeepers slam the prison doors shut before the general populace awakes, and sweeps the pretenders aside, that is really what's at stake hear, for if they can silence Gert, they feel they can then cower the opposition into quiet acquiescence, at least for a while longer, until such time as they feel they will be more secure and unassailable.

The danger here, is that it only requires a relatively small cadre of committed followers, to turn the whole herd of humanity into a confused and frightened mass, prone to stampede in any unforeseen direction. The Left aspires to ascend the throne, the problem is, it is the most unfit pretender to ever lay claim to the crown.

Remember, the European left has repeatedly tried, in their various guises, to assume total control of the peoples of Europe, with disastrous consequences, not only for the people, but also for the radicals stirring things up, "The Terror" springs to mind, or the rise and fall of the Third Reich, and a few other minor attempts. But this time, they have almost achieved their objective, the noose is even now being slipped around the peoples necks. Big business may think it is the engine of progress and profit, but as the business community is about to discover, all those lucrative business opportunities were merely the cheese on a better mouse trap. The European Union is a monstrous tyranny in the formative stages. Given the cold indifference to the plight of the poor indigenous populations, by the elites, what makes the captains of industry think they will be treated any better, when their utility to the projects goals are ended. Remember, tyrants affections are fickle for a reason, for they must always keep the lesser members of the power structure in a state of uncertainty, lest anyone, getting comfortable in office, gain pretensions to the top seat of power. Joseph Stalin's ruthlessness was the textbook example of this inevitable dynamic in action.

john jay

just another richard:

bodacious comment.

spot on. i agree. we'll just have to see how it turns out.

hindsight is easier managed.

that is why they have history classes in colleges, and very few "seers" and "sayers" classes. it's trickier.

but, i think your remarks awesome, very well thought out.

john jay



I agree with you. Geert Wilders has thought this thing through. He will go prison, and stay there if necessary.

The establishment in the Netherlands have bought this case against him as they had no real choice. They are damned if they dont convict him, and double damned if they do.

The most intelligent manner to discredit Wilders would have been to let him win the coming election. Once he was PM, and started to do the things his supporters elected him to do, there would have been serious repercussions on the streets.

But its too late for that. But who knows, the establishment may itself have set this up, as they must also realize that Muslim demographics is a threat to them as well.

Just Another Richard

"that is why they have history classes in colleges, and very few "seers" and "sayers" classes. it's trickier."

Ah yes, but remember, in the minds of the left, history is what they say it is "today", while tomorrow that may just change, dependent upon necessity of course.

The shifting narrative of history has been the plinth upon which much of progressive politics has erected its structural foundations. If we can tear that from out of their hands, we may see our fortunes wax fortuitous; but so long as they hold the dialogue of this false narrative, our future wanes, edging us closer toward the edge of the abyss.

Thanks for the compliment jj.

DP111, as to whether the elites actually recognize the potential danger to themselves, I'm not so sure, for in truth, they see no potential danger betraying their own kind; one would be led to believe that they must feel that they can control events. Lets face it, every aspect of this future disaster, is a creation of the action of those same elites. Are they really smart enough to realize their error, apparently not given their endless appeasement to Islamic sensibilities. Though I will concede, they have led themselves into an impossible impasse.

I admit, some days I am positive, some, not so much.

Listening to the POTUS giving his "state of the union" address tonight, I am reminded of the dictum, that the best lie of all, is the one which lays closest to the truth ... brother, was all that waffle an exercise in wistful promise or what!



I dont think politicians are that stupid. If they were, they would not be successful as politicians.

I'm sure they realize the position. This sitaution is not some thing that has happened overnight, but is a result of decades of Islamic immigration and growth. The trick is how to get out of the mess without

1. Acknowledging defeat

2. Creating a situation that requires forcible repatriation

3. The resulting civil war, as not all native Dutch are on the side of Wilders.

Its a tricky enough in Europe. Its far worse in America.

Just Another Richard

"I dont think politicians are that stupid. If they were, they would not be successful as politicians."

Some, yes, they are indeed smart, in a smarmy sort of way, but many, they simply got elected by the party machinery. After having listened to so many speeches, promising the "Promised Land", if only tomorrow, measured against, not just the abysmal failure to produce actual results, but with all the endless attendant self serving agendas, I am led to the conclusion, that the only thing the average politician has, or can accomplish ... is the expedient art of deceit. Good intentions are a means to an end in the mental world of a politician.

Your 3rd point is of course spot on, that is the real danger for the political structures. Instructive, don't you think, that it should be the same, right throughout the Western World. Our intellectual betters have led us to the brink of destruction ... how noble of them, how magnanimous, but above all, how thoroughly revealing...how totally bankrupt are their prevailing philosophies ... may they all rot in hell.

On the subject of jihad, may I suggest a short read ... "Future Jihad" by Walid Phares, a very revealing expose of the motivations and methodologies of the financiers and ideological underpinnings of the current directions and aspirations of Islam. On this subject, our elected representatives would appear to have little, or no clue. As you say DP111, they are between a rock and a hard place, for there is no way out.

The scary part is of course, was Islamic immigration a consequence of ill thought out policy, or was it a deliberate ploy to subvert the Western World, and so destroy its dominance, if the former ... well, par for the course with our political masters, if the latter...are they f**king insane.

Just Another Richard


The direct answers to your points are of course...

#1 the wall of reality leaves no escape

#2 The kindest, least destructive option. Not pleasant, but totally necessary, for the alternative is ...

#3 Unfortunately, given mans' innate tendency to put off unpleasant actions today, in the face of the imminent necessity of tomorrow, this is our future writ most starkly, especially, by Islam's historical march through the pages of history. Events will unfold, causing the political structures to fracture, and a Balkanization of communities, descending into chaos and inevitable civil war.

The only alternative to the above, will be a monstrous tyranny, so vile, so brutal, so foul,that any disagreement with the prevailing orthodoxy will be squashed before it gains any traction,and then Islam will simply be able to move in at will and take over. But the bloodshed will be no less than had there been a civil war. Of course, a compliant media will place pretty flowers on the corpses ... to sanitize the unpleasant reality ....must not frighten the herds on the way to the slaughterhouse, after all, might cause an earthquake in the moral high ground, and that would be too unpleasant for the "virtuous".


The least destructive is one that openly states that islam and Muslims cannot co-exist in one society. The inclusion of one excudes the other. Therefore commmonsense and common humanity demand that Muslims are not included in an open society. Else look forward to a civil war.

Once society acknoweledges this, then it may be possible to stop muslim immigration as a first step, and then even reverse it. However, I just dont see this happening, as our society precludes any such discrimination, no matter that it may lead to civil war and the death of countless innocents.

There is another way that avoids all unpleasantness, for it makes Muslims leave of their own accord, even when we request them to stay.

Unfortunately, the American people threw a wrench in it by electing Obama.

Medical Advice

Nice one but I guess muslims and other Islamic can be more sociable in a way where peace and order of leaders is understanding.

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