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January 14, 2010


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FoC (Friend of Cicero)


Do you think that Europe has its collective head buried in the sand?...(or somewheres else???)


Great post BTW!!

john jay

FOCjj (laughing):

i have a very hard time understanding the euro's.

the people are passive beyond comprehension.

and, the bloggers don't seem much more inclined to be informative on the matter than the government(s).

they do not publish the texts of the organic documents of the euro union/euro-med, and though they rail about this and that, they do not support conclusions with evidence.

it is a very strange way of arguing to an old country lawyer like me, believe me.

why don't they just let the people read these documents and see for themselves what the leftist elites have in store for them.

it's not greek, for christ's sake. well, some of it is, but not classical greek, just the kind the greeks speak. laughing.

john jay


I would suggest that the Euro-Med treaty is not so big as someone would think.
Given the demographies of North Africa, if 50 M people come in Europe, they will demographically collapse.

The people migrating are young, the people staying are old. I don't think half of the young population (mainly males) would move. Not with the current hardening (bit a bit) of the stance of the Europeans population and the bad economy.

For now, there is no sign that the Italian laws must be changed to comply with some EU directive or other. We catch some illegals from North Africa, we send them back.

Currently we are fighting a ruling of the EU Courts that ban the crucifix from the public schools. Stupid.
People not looked at the crucifix before. You would have be able to take it away and no one would have noted the difference.
Now, with the ruling, people is very pissed off and principals and majors have declared they will not take them away (many went out and bough new crucifixes for the classrooms without) and a few majors have ordered that all public building in their municipality have at least one on display.

The government appealed the ruling; but even if the ruling is uphold, I bet they will not comply anyway and probably will raise the hell out of it.
For sure the Lega Nord will


one of my italians.
i willput him in as a contact.

To: jjatty@msn.com
Subject: [summer patriot, winter soldier] Mirco submitted a comment to the e.u. just flat out lies to the people of europe about muslim immigration and the euro-med compacts. it just hides the fact of 50 million muslims brought into europe.
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 11:52:01 -0800

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