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January 12, 2010


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Mirco Romanato

Hi, John Jay.
What can I say?

I linked your articles, that I red when you wrote them, because I find them very interesting. They must be, if I remember them after years. They are on par to the "Three Conjecture of Wretchard".

My comments were about the article discussing the news about Rosarno and the riots of the aliens and the population.

My main interest is transhumanism (with an anarcho-capitalistic bent) but I don't share the naive pacifist bent of many. I love freedom and I have no moral problem to defend mine until the last drop of blood of my enemies.

FoC (Friend of Cicero)


You're a cel-reb!! eh? Good on ya!



Hi guys, thank you for linking our blog, Snow Crash, to your site. I'm one of the main authors, but in particular not the one that wrote the linked post (failed state). I haven't realized the real aim of your post here, but however, I'd like to explain some of the Snow Crash' positions.

The blog holds libertarian positions (the Italian term "anarcocapitalismo" is simply the translitteration of the English Anarchocapitalism) and supports for instance Ron Paul in the USA, Dan Hannan in the UK, and other freemarketer politicians all around the world.

Transumanesimo, again, is the same of Transhumanism, because we believe in the absence of a severe distinction between technology and biology.

Psychopolitics means that we use to interpret social and political reality using categories offered by psychological sciences.

We are 3 main authors, two of us Right winged, while the other Left winged (Cachorro Quente).

Cya around!

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