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January 16, 2010


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FoC (Friend of Cicero)


This one is certainly a "2-cupper". I'll have to find a mate for my cup.

I like the depth of your research. It has the synapses a-snappin'.

I'm going to reread the post and hopefully have a comment (though I believe you've said it all). Your conclusion is one I haven't thought of before nor have I've seen it expressed with such starkness. I hope Pamela Geller (@ Atlasshrugs) picks up on this.

Well done, Sir!



John, the only thing missing on my end was...the chart itself! It's not downloading here.

But nevertheless, a[nother] superb, deeply researched essay, KUDOS TO YOU!

GM Roper

John, what an excellent piece this was. I've lived in Arkansas and been to Alabama and Louisiana a number of times (too many to count) and the economies there are hard to grasp given so much poverty. That the Muslim states can't come up to that with their millions says a lot about the lack of giving a damn for who comes after them.

The islamofascists continue to want to reinstate the caliphate and its "golden age" but even if they did, they lack both the drive and the intellectual prowess to do so. But they do know how to kill, and that makes them dangerous.

Good post John and your "little red chart" is an excellent bit of work.

john jay

george, friends:

george, thank you so very much for your kind words. and, thank you very much on your observations about islam, alabama and louisiana.

friends, why don't you take a gander at more of george's writing at http://www.gmsplace.com/, a wonderful blog. his writing is provocative, sprightly and always informative.

john jay

john jay

jewishodysseus, friends:

JO, it is always a pleasure to hear from you, and thanks for the "kudos."


jewishodysseus runs a wonderful blog, http://jewishodysseus.blogspot.com, where the writings are deeply concerned with israel, and jewish political issues.

JO is a fellow lawyer, and thinks like a fellow lawyer, which i mean to say that his writing is spirited, logical and insightful. he and i agree on many things, and he and i disagree on some others, and the fur can fly. laughing.

JO has always been very supportive of my fledgling efforts and blogging, and offered much needed early counsel.

please give him a visit, too.

john jay

FoC (Friend of Cicero)


Neither George's nor JO's hyperlinks are working, at least on my equipment.

George "GM" Roper

John, erase the comma at the end of the link and they will work... Friend of Cicero you can click then back the comma off if you get back here before John does.

And John, Thanks for the very kind words.

I knew you were an attorney, but wasn't aware JO was. Damn, I have two right thinking attorney friends. And 2 out of 2000 ain't bad! :)


Well, John, I have to disagree with you on one thing:

When the heck have we ever disagreed? lol

Mark Amagi

Excellent post. The American fixation on Iraq and Afghanistan has taken our eye off the ball of the real long-term, threat, the Islamification of Europe. After reading Mark Steyn, Melanie Phillips, Roger Scruton, Hirsi Ali and others, I came to similar conclusions, reflected in my post at GM's Place The Clash of Civilizations or the Suicide of the West? http://www.gmsplace.com/?p=1880 I particularly thought your analysis of the left's motivation for this demographic suicide was insightful: 1) to destroy european nationalism, and 2.)to decrease european productivity.

jeff henry

Hello John,

What will it take for the Euros to notice? to act?

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