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January 31, 2010


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Just Another Richard


Your piece touches upon a fundamental dynamic at play in the undercurrents of Western society as a whole. And that is ... we are slow to rouse, but light the fuse, stand back, and let the anger rise up, then watch out; for as you say, there will be no rules, just a fight to the finish.

It has always amused me, where the chattering classes, loaded with sanctimony, spew forth their bold statements that we must not lower ourselves to the enemy's level, for we are better than them; which reveals a fatal flaw in the speakers mental approach ... namely, that those who will not fight for their freedom are doomed to be enslaved by those forces who even now are within the gates of our communities, who have stated their goals, and are busy and actively instituting their agendas.These people are blind to the fact that their current freedom to spout such puerile nonsense, is granted to them by the efforts, exertions and sacrifices of better men than they: better men who, those same pillars of moral virtue will privately, and or often publicly disdain.

Just how many of those same moral pillars are active traitors to their own societies, verses how many are "useful idiots", or active pacifists, is the difficult question; but they will all find out an uncomfortable truth about the human spirit once open conflict breaks out.

For many, the realization of the need to fight will not dawn upon their consciousness until the conflict is upon them.

As for myself, and I suspect for many, many others, anger does not come naturally, at least the anger which engenders the will and fortitude to enter into conflict. No this rage must be built up over time. But you are spot on jj, when you state that the forces who have picked this fight, will not understand what they have done until too late. Tolerance and magnanimity are attributes which only have their place in times of peaceful coexistence, but are a dead weight when imposed during, and/or, especially preceding outright conflict.

The pious would do well to understand the forces which led to the bombing of Dresden, and the total destruction of every major German city during WW11. While the armchair moralists waffle on from the safety of their secure societies, they fail to see that fundamental force of human nature which is loosed by the brutalities of war.

Given Islam's particular obsession with brutality, it is a given that once this conflict breaks out into total war, that brutality will escalate on an exponential scale.

We may argue amongst ourselves at this time that, we do not hate anyone, but that sentiment will evaporate in short order, and is even now crumbling as we speak, as the latent anger wells up inside the hearts and minds of peaceful men.

As for the left, they may have a lock on the national and international narrative of the MSM today, but that grip is slipping by the hour, just as the absolute authority of the ruling elite is sliding away from their grasp.

Anger is a instinctive and very necessary human emotion, and we are constrained to restrain it by convention, but make no mistake, once it is aroused in whole communities, no amount of prettified speeches by dishonest snake oil salesmen will still its advance. Our elites are riding a colossal storm, largely of their own making.

Just Another Richard

"and islam, they will not know what hit them. and, no, it will not be fair, or with rules of engagement. no marquis of queensbury. no rules, just survival."

Exactly jj ... it will be so, because our elites will lead us to a place, where there is no other choice.

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