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January 13, 2010


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FoC (Friend of Cicero)


Your post?


john jay

friend of cicero:

my post.

i like adam's sentiment.

which is it gonna be in life. your choice. freedom, or comfort.

if you pick comfort, than enjoy your servitude, ... , for, whatever form it takes, servitude it is.

a wonderful observation given the choices we each make this day.

john jay

FoC (Friend of Cicero)


I like his sediment as well. I'm starting a reread of David McCullough's "John Adams" the story of your "Founding Fathers". John was a cousin to Samuel as you undoubtedly know. 'Sam' makes a better pint, though I'm told.

Another of interest might be Jean-Francois Revel's "How Democracies Perish". I read this 15+ years ago. Time for a refresher I think.

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How can people complain they lose a freedom, when a new law gives others more freedom? Like a law prohibiting?
outdoor smoking would give people who go outdoors the freedom to breath more fresh air and be healthier. Nonsmokers are the majority, so more people gain freedom than lose freedom.

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