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December 29, 2009


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Jorge Banner

I would dare to suggest that instead of "the mediterranean has ceased being a defensive bulwark and is not an avenue for muslim conquest" you meant "the mediterranean has ceased being a defensive bulwark and is now an avenue for muslim conquest".

My apologies if I'm wrong.



The Mediterranean Union, came into being around 2008.

As far as I can see, it is not just Arab states that border the Med that are a part of the Euro-Med, but it includes Sudan and Somalia as well.

Then there is also the matter of Turkey, with its 80 million + Muslims, and we have all the ingredients for a lovely war.

Here is a link to UP Pompeii that has been covering this issue for a while.


Myabe that is what this is all about - a big huge war to get rid of the accumalated detritus of not havong a proper war for over 60 years.

The Left and Greens are also very keen on a sustainable human population - the present population size being deemed too large for sustainability.

I hope though that prevailing human greed, lust for power, and "what I have I hold", will upset the social engineer's calculations.

john jay


that you for the "heads up." you are absolutely correct, and i will make the change in the text immediately.

you do not know how satisfying it is for me to see that you have given a close read to my post.

thank you.


very nice to see you again at the comment section.

and, thank you for your very cogent remarks.--

no, the left do not like the rest of us very much, and see us mostly as "reduncant bio-mass," and would like to see our grazing rights restricted so as to achieve environmental "sustainability."

it is, of course, the euro leftists who would like to see the rest of the world trim down a bit, forgetting, as is their habit, that europe is one of the more densely populated areas on earth.

so, the left wants sustainability. and, to reduce the population.

at the same time, a stated goal of this euro-med compact (nonsense) is the importation of 50 million arabs to provide the needed labor pool for the euro union economies, which has a labor "shortage" due to declining birth rate.


does something not parse here?

doch, (thank you, the deutsch language), it does not parse.

the importation of the arab populations is to suppress the "native" european populations, and to destroy the last vestiges of nationalism.

to kill europe as a group of nation states, and to create a homogenous population that tans well.

the only trouble, is that the social planners have not figured out just exactly what they are going to do about islam once they have their new "euro" man. the new "euro" man, is not going to have any use at all for twinky fuzzy commie social planners. the knife will be reserved for them.

you are about to see, you englanders and euros, the smashing of 3,000 years of civilization, and the loss of a 5 or 600 year reign of reason over your political and social affairs.

you will, of course, be plenty "entertained" by it all.

john jay


The Left can lay its plan, and the Islamics may think that they have our measure, but it will all come to naught.

Think of Europe as a tectonic zone - not geographically, but of the moral, technological, philosophical, in short, of the mental kind. Europe can be regarded as a fault zone of the tectonic + volcanic zone of the mind. The evidence is all around you. For the last two thousand years, all innovation in all fields have come from the tectonic zone that is the collective European mind - be it progress of the benign kind, scientific, technological, political, artistic or social, or the brutally efficient means of war.

This change and upheaval has come at ever increasing pace, leading to upheavals of the social climate, brought about by the tectonic nature of the collective European mind. It has led to a people that adapts quickly to ongoing change. Islamics and other non-Europeans, do not have that ability to adapt to rapid change, as they never were in such a situation. The evidence can be seen in ALL non-European countries – all change has been brought about by European culture in the last 100 years. Europe (I don’t mean just geographically) is therefore quite a unique place. The scale and frequency of wars in Europe are simply a consequence of the generally dangerous nature of life in a tectonic/volcanic zone.

The European tectonic zone is not a place for hidebound conservative people. Muslims, for all their penchant for violence, are essentially a simple and conservative people, clinging to age-old traditions. If Moses could come back, he would recognise the Islamic mind and people, but have no clue who we are. Muslims will not survive in this place that they are coming to, in much the same manner that an animal from the tropics will not survive in Polar Regions.

Europe, i.e., the European zone created by the collective European mind, is a very dangerous region, whether it is in Europe, the Americas or wherever.


"england -- welsh pudding, beef wellington, worchestershire sauce, sheriff of nottingham"

Welsh pudding is from Wales, which is not in England! Your Founding Fathers came from....European countries! I, as an Englishman, loathe the European Union with a vengeance, and I am outside the collective European mind you speak of, as are 80% of fellow Englishmen.

Victor Ward

Also it is Worcestershire Sauce, there is no H after c

john jay


sounds as though you ought to dump about 100% of your politicians.

just a thought.


i will make the correction. what if someone writes back and says, there is an "h" in
"worchestershire" sauce.

actually, i think i came about as close as possible, for someone who didn't have a bottle of the stuff around for reference.

but, i stand corrected, and i will make the change.

laughing. just how in g_d's name did they come up with the "pronunciation?" do the english just swallow everythign as they speak?

kinda like me & "caps?"

john jay


Good post, you make the point the US protection of the EU has made this possible, Id agree.

I just hope the new barons of Europe will be inclined to sell the treasures of their museums rather than treat them as the Taliban did the Buddas in Afghanistan.

john jay


i have suggested that americans go to europe, and buy up our history and heritage, or at least as much of it as we can pack home, and save these priceless artifacts fo civilization before they disappear to the tender mercy of the muzzies.

john jay

p.s. thank you for the read, and for your comments.

PacRim Jim

The good European genes and memes emigrated long ago. What remains will be easily eradicated by determined immigrants unafraid to reproduce.

john jay


i would like for dp111 to be correct, but, were i a betting man, i would have to go with your analysis, dollars to dimes.

john jay


The Welsh and the Scots are devolved
from us here in the UK, which means they have their own
parliaments/assemblies but we English pay their bills! We English don't
have our own parliament, but we will soon be broken up into 9 EU
regions, which quite by chance will be about the same size numerically
as Wales and Scotland. This is all a part of the EU conspiracy started
by the post-war defeated politicians in main-land Europe, and has just
about come to fruition. My father fought in Europe and West Africa
throughout WW2 and when he came home in late 1945 he said to me that
what he had fought for would be lost anyway. We Brits, as we were then,
paid a huge economic price for standing alone against Germany. Of
course, you guys came along and helped us, what with lease-lend and
Marshall Aid, but we paid it back and thought we should carry on with
our former World role, our global power status. When your government
ended the lease-lend, we were in effect bankrupt as a nation. So by
stealth and by connivance, world politicians decided "no more world
wars" and set up the EU as a European power. The Lisbon Treaty, or
constitution, has taken most of our rights to sovereignty and the only
vote I ever had on it was to become a member of a European Common Market
back in the seventies. By stealth we have now come to this super EU, in
which there is no democracy. I have had no choice, because my lying and
dishonest government under this unelected in England prime minister
decided we should not have a referendum.

But all is not lost. 80% of we English want out of the EU. It will take
time, but the EU will implode. I just hope I am around to see it!
Whatever you do though, John, always remember the dignity of we people
whose fathers, like mine and probably yours too, fought in 1939/45 for
freedom. We and they are worthy of your consideration of how and why
politicians change our countries without our authority. Never once did a
politician ask me if I wanted millions of muslims here, mosques are over
our cities, changing our lives forever by people walking around all
covered from head to foot in black. How do I know who and what they are?
I don't, but I should, because this is MY country, not theirs! My
country, England, has such history as to blow minds away, and our
parliamentary democracy will once again prevail so our laws are made
here and not in Brussels. Believe it!

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