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November 15, 2009


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GM Roper

John, fascinating post and well said. Of course, the left uses the word racist anytime they think you may have the right side of any argument. Hence, Israelis are racist in their refusal to bow down to the Palestinian jihadists, middle America (regardless of race) is racist if they oppose the massive illegal immigration that is going on from our southern border and, seldom mentioned from our northern border. If you oppose the multiculti onslaught you are racist, regardless of your race or culture. And of course, if you oppose Muslim intransigence and terrorism, you are a racist which is really odd considering that Muslim is not a race.

Again, I truly love reading your posts, and this was one of the very best.

john jay


thanks so very much, this is high praise indeed from you.

i appreciate it, and i am warmed by it.

thanks again.

john jay

p.s. friends, gmroper runs a very good blog, and i drop by from time to time, just to see what he has posted. there are very good, and very thought provoking reads there. please visit, at http://www.gmsplace.com/ .


Would you allow me to re-produce this on my blog, please? I would, of course, give full accreditation for it to you and your blog.


Hmmm, if refusing to bow down to bullies, opposing attempts at revolution through massive illegal immigration, and resisting predatory conquest are all racist, then racism seems rather... well... normal, and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. If that's how God made man, who are we to be ashamed of inherent human nature?

john jay


i certainly see no reason why a dane or a swede or a nigerian shouldn't take pride in himself and his countrymen, and should not feel free to maintain and protect who his is, and who they are.

and i see no reason why they should change what they are to suit someone else's notion of who he wants to be.

john jay

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