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August 18, 2009


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JJ-Great analysis of our military capabilities--pretty devastating against the odd citizen. I don't think Obama will have enough time or the juice to form up a comparable brown shirt private army. (Are those numbers correct for our current Army personnel?)

john jay


as to the numbers for our current army personnel -- they are now.

the website source shows 548,000 current active duty army personnel, and somehow that got into the notes as 48,000.

that error has been corrected.

as to what "b.o." can achieve in terms of building a private army.--

it remains to be seen.

some have suggested to me that he will merely make "americorps" service mandatory, and that this is nothing more than a glorified "vista" effort, as back in the days of the community action counsels. remember those?

i am not so sure.

if that is the case, why did both obama and rahm emanuel refer to this effort as an effort to create a "security" apparatus?

would it not have simply made more sense to it a community service organization, if what was meant to be delivered was "community service?"

why the continued allusion and reference to the united states military as a standard of reference? "as big as," "as fully funded as," "as fully equipped as" the united states military? what is the point of that, if people are to be teachers, and organizers, and carpenters and such?

and, there is the little matter that the u.s. military budget runs pretty close to 3/4's $ trillion.

my own view is that he will not say "my own little military." even the densest leftard might catch an ominous drift to that. laughing.

my guess is that he will suggest something, that when looked at critically, will have paramilitary overtones, and will also involve something that is tied into federal law enforcement and intelligence gathering capabilities.

do not be overly surprised if he recommends the creation of a "new department of ___________," to have direct supervision by his resident foil, eric holder in the attorney general's position.

and, perhaps a new cabinet position.

who are paramilitary?

well, the s.o.g. groups who are civilian employees of the central intelligence agency, for one.

the coast guard auxillary, for another.

and, m.a.r.s., a civilian group comprised of "ham"/short wave radio operators, who participate with the government in disaster and weather damage situations, and, who, as a net work have direct ties into the federal govt.'s intel apparatus, ... , for another.

the key will be, to whom do these people owe their allegiance? and, it will be to "b.o." obama.

the next question, is how many of them will be federal gs employees, permanantly ensconced on the federal payroll? how many administrators? at what paygrades and levels?

the final question is, how many of them will perform a "law enforcement officer" function, and, as a consequence, how many of them will be armed?

we shall see what he has to say sept. 11, 2009, when he addresses the nation.

it is obvious that he feels he has a "sales" job on his hands, and that he feels that he needs to make a "pitch" to the people to alleviate their fears. otherwise, why not just do this legislatively, through an existing vehicle such as americorps?

americorps was founded in 1994 during the clinton administration.

i would remind you, that if you go to its website, you will find that americorps is interested in --

--community development
--disaster relief
--homeland security, and
--public safety.

these last three subject matters are clearly under the rubric of domestic police functions.

how will an americorps participate in homeland security or public safety without being armed, without performing a paramilitary function?

we shall see what is proposed. my guess is, that the enabling legislation better be read very damned closely.

john jay

p.s. also, americorps is advertising for those interested in--

--ex-offender reentry.

you don't suppose that includes an educational experience to get a person's head right, in rahm emanuel's words, before going back into a socialist paradise, do you?

john jay

p.s. and, the following illustrates just how "nice" a problem this is, trying to separate the wheat of threat from the chaff of normalcy.

you may consider the boy scouts of america as the quintessential paramilitary group.

lord baden powell, the english founder of the boys scouts was a military commander who thought english troops could use a little toughening up before entering service, and envisioned the scouts to be just the thing to do that. that is why the emphasis upon camping and outdoor living, and field craft and physical hardiness.

even today, explorer scouts perform paramilitary roles, in that they are virtual police officers in training during much of their tenure as scouts.

yet, i think no one perceives the scouts as a threat to liberty.

if, by contrast, a large influx of persons were to occur in an organization dedicated to "homeland security issues," might a genuine concern over their role occur were they to become involved in ferreting out just who those right wing extremists/terrorists are, that attorney general eric holder might feel free to designate, and who might have their civil rights suspened upon such designation, as put forth in legislation propsed by congressman alcee hastings, demo. florida. (the only living impeached federal judge, by the way. doesn't seem to know his constitutional law very well, does he, for an ex-judge?) but, he is good enough to be a democratic congressman, isn't he?

this latter possibility is, in my view, a quick road to hell. jjjay

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