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August 15, 2009


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You seem a little scared of the social tinted life don't you?
I am from Europe where we have something called a social democracy. No big corporations can dictate the government as in your country. You are long winded and boring. You assume to be a specialist on every thing. why don't you become president instead of writing what other people must do?

john jay

cap'n zen:

nice to hear from you.

yes, you are from europe, where they have something called a social democracy.

supported and subsidized from soviet conquest the last 70 years by the presence of u.s. troops.

i think it rather quaint for you to believe that no big corporations dictate to the governments in your country, which ever one that might be. siemens? airbus? give me a break.

i should become president, shouldn't i? we could have the i.r.s. audit your books!! laughing.

i do not recall, ever, writing one line or one word of what other people "must" do [in order to keep me happy, i suppose.]

that is what socialists do, and have done for 70 years in europe, and usually at the point of a gun nestled firmly behind someone's ear.

i do not tell people what to do, just as g_d does not, ... , read the piece on the grand inquisitor. i have views, i express them, and leave for others what the shape and form of their decisions and acts may be.

i try to persuade, though perhaps haltingly in your view. i will live w/ my limitations, i suppose.

your europeans, and you socialists, you tell people what to do. maybe you are just projecting your habits onto me.

and, i will note on last time. no communist rule has ever been perpetuated, anywhere, except by repression and murder. and, in europe, no socialist rule has ever been pertuated, except by state propaganda and manipulation of the news, and by draconian enforcement of laws designed to suppress free speech and expression.

yes, that is why i loathe the "social[ist] tinted life," ... , i am not a little scared of it, i hate it. there is a difference.

come to n.e. oregon, cap'n zen. i'll show you around, and you can meet some people never paid much attention to the likes of you their whole lives. it should be fun.

john jay

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