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July 25, 2009


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John West

Now that was quite the bloviation.

My question: Do you have a shift key on your keyboard?

john jay


refute my argument on the merits, 1,000 words or less. and, without "bloviating:" it should not be difficult for you.

use all the capital letters you feel you need.

john jay

John West

John Jay,

What I said to you should have been taken as an amateur golfer offering Tiger Woods a tip.

I was quite impressed with your post. You are obviously well read and knowledgeable on the information you were covering.

When I started reading it I didn't realize it was pretty close to reading an entire book. You took a lot of my Sunday away from other stuff I had planned.

I live in Canada where we are already well down the road of no free speech and big government control. We have socialism here big time thanks to Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his minions. He was our Obama. We will never recover from this and it's been three decades. Our health care is free (yeah right) but not available unless you are connected or are willing to not die on the waiting list. Or ... if you can afford to go to the USA to get needed care. It is against the law to have private health insurance and the unions geniuses are running most of the health care system.

I am warning Americans to avoid socialism and vote for no democrats next time around.

Regarding you, you appear to be thin-skinned and lack humor. That is my criticism of you personally, your post was excellent. Kudos.

Now stop Emailing me unless you have something nice or funny to say to me.


John, incredibly impressive. I've never read such an erudite description of elitist bigots portraying themselves as common everymen in my life. The hypocrisy will make you cough! (Well, actually, if the elite bigots in the WH have their way, it will bankrupt you and leave your body on a gurney in the hospital corridor to die.)

Anyway, thanks.

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