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June 28, 2009


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john jay

post script (by author): --

there is another reason why there are no stringers in iran.

that is because in almost all instances such stringer are "pro-palestinian," and virulently anti-israeli and anti-semitic.

always, the efforts of these stringers is to protray the palestinians as aspring for freedom against israeli "occupation" and tyranny.

hamas and abbas have both been incredibly skillful at creating that notion in europe, and to a lesser extent in the united states.

always, the palestinian & arab, whether it be in syria or lebanon or in "palestine" is the "victim" of israeli aggression, and western oppression.

well, the lie has been given that notion in iran. instead of freedom loving, hamas and abbas are revealed to show that they are ruthless thugs, bent on enforcing fundamentalist islam and fundamentalist islamic regimes. this fact has somehow escaped the notice of news bureaus all over the middle east, despite the fact that hamas and abbas's rule in "palestine" is every bit as brutal, thuggish and murderous as has been their role in iran.

but, they stand exposed for what they are in iran.

they are murderers.

they are not victims, they are killers for hire. they give the lie to the "image" they have so skillfully built over the years.

victims, my ass.

this is another reason why their are no stringers in iran, because islam cannot portray what goes on their as israeli or u.s. aggression against the arabs. they, the islamists, have nothing to gain by showing their true repression and their true adherence to jihadist islam, ... , so, they suppress it, but not "feeding the news" to the mainstream media.

and that media is so g_d damned lazy, and so inept, that they cannot find the truth unless it is spoon fed to them.

so, we have no coverage on the ground. because islam does not want us to see what goes on in a fundamentalist islam state, and islam cannot portray palestine, palestinians, or arabs as victims of israel.

rather, the fundamentalists, the theocrats, have revealed themselves for what they are, ... , and that is murderers.

and, there is not hiding the role of hamas, abbas and hezbollah as puppets of the iranian tyranny.

that is another reason why, we have not stringers in iran.

john jay @06.28.2009


No, it is actually far more simple and applies to all foreign affairs and many domestic ones. Does one have contempt and hatred for America?

If yes, you wind up with the soviet style propaganda and utter lack of objective reporting found in the liberal media.

The sole question is whether a given potential news story might help or hinder America.

Please name me a single story where this criterion cannot be applied.

john jay


you know, i am rather disinclined to argue over your points.

your observations point out a major factor in all of this.

i agree.

i just think that there are some additional considerations. as advanced in my post.

but, i certainly do not disagree with you, in the slightest.

john jay

p.s. moonzoo, please come back and comment some more. and, have a look around the blog, ... , the immediately preceding post would be a good place to start.

" ... a muslim compatible america" is, i think, a very important piece. i would be very interested what your assessment is.


Mr. Jay,

Of the several anti-jihad/anti-leftist blogs I read, I enjoy yours the most. Your intellect and existential clarity are something I aspire to.

As a young adult, nothing galvanized my disdain for the MSM more than the complete one-sided coverage of Operation Cast Lead. For years I questioned whether all this talk of Jews running the world had any truth to it. The minute Israel defends itself with the most half-assed attempt to "defeat" an enemy, the entire WORLD cries "aggression" and "occupation". I was stunned then, and am stunned now that great little country could be so reviled.

Were it not for twitter, facebook, youtube, and cell phones, how much of the Iranian massacre would we really hear about? It's pathetic.


By dint of luck, I was afforded an excellent grounding in media. My eighth grade english teacher, giving us a truly wonderful foundation with which to explore the modern world. I.E. "news". And how to deconstruct it. And my eighth grade history teacher? Making us take/explore the opposite side of a selected issue (as different from our own view/perspective/belief).

More luck to follow, in actual cinema classes, and later a stint creating/producing a few tiny feature news spots, for a local tv station (in my teens).

But the biggest moment of clarity? Came one day, in witnessing a bonedaddy, and a couple of his buds, walking down the main street. In the afternoon, in the small city I then lived. He, clown, with a mohawk do .... carrying a 2x4 in hand. For what purpose? To what end?

Anyway, the new downtown mall was then under construction. And a large temp worforce was about the town. In this case, like me at the moment, having lunch at an outdoor cafe. When one of the workers took some offense to the idiotic visage. And a scuffle broke out. Perty hair was shuffled off to the hoosegow (and later received a spot o'time).

The story that eventually came back, across the national wire? "Roving street gangs marauding" (Santa Barbara). Assclowns. Wearing asshats.

A basic of your 'stringer' percept, is that anyone in Gaza or the West Bank. Who doesn't toe/report the Islamist party line 1000%. Is soon dead. No if's and's or but's. Reality whole.

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