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June 17, 2009


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It is great to hear you are feeling better. I was stunned after I read your piece. Just the description of your physical trouble would have been powerful enough, but the way you connect it with Gitmo is a masterstroke. It makes one think on so many levels.

Jesus Marianjoseph

jack shit is what you know about it.

glad your surgery went well anyway.

john jay

thanks for the well wishing on the surgery.
no problems with the cutters. problems with the hospital care.
this is what happened to me as i perceived it.
if you know more about it, i would be very happy were you to file a more complete report here in the comments section.
to tell us what really happened. and, do not be reluctant to explain your knowledge and my ignorance, such that it is.
what i felt on the receiving end may be intirely different from "what really happened," so fill us in.
john jay


John, my dad's dad had his open-heart surgery in the dark days of 1972...Now, thanks to you, I have some idea of what Granpa went thru, he never bothered to tell me back then!

You're a tough buzzard, you'll be back at the militia drills soon. Notice I didn't say "tough OLD buzzard," heheh.

Be well, amigo!

Doda McCheesle

Have a speedy recovery! Or as we say in French "Refuah Shelemah".

I too am quite interested in hearing Jeebus' explanation of YOUR experience...

john jay


my experience is my experience, and i will leave that at that.

but, if i got the details of the procedures wrong, or if i have misinformed people about the same, i do not really mind being corrected or even upbraided.

i really do not want to misinform people about any of this, or cause undue alarm. after all, i did survive!!! laughing.

but, yes. my experience is my experience.

john jay

p.s. "the belmont club," at pajama's media linked my post, and there is a very interesting "comments" section going on there, with 19 comments last i checked. you might want to go over there, and take a look. the link: http://pajamasmedia.com/richardfernandez/ .

also, this post has gotten tremendous exposure from the link at atlasshrugs :
http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com .

i read atlas multiple times over the course of the day, and find the blog engaging, informative and invaluable in keeping abreast of the global jihad. i recommend it highly to everyone.



I know from what you speak. Unfortunately, my quintuple bypass was unsuccessful and I ended up needing a heart transplant. But I have to tell you, as horrible as the pain of both the bypasses and the transplant were, nothing compared to the pain of removing all the tape from my body. These little stickers are murder, especially when your body hair starts to grow back!

I'm out 6+ years now, but the emotional scars will last forever.

john jay


as bugs bunny says, "it is to laugh, it is to cry."

yes, those little stickers are horrible. it has been 18 days from my surgery, and i am still picking glue off various parts of my body.

john jay


john, I am happy to hear your lifesaving operation was successful. Heal soon, my friend, as I think you will be needed on the front lines when the feces striking the whirling blades spread from Iran.


My gosh, your description is so graphic. It was so easy to envision all of it. Glad that your doing okay, and thanks for the good read.


I have 5 bypasses. And I loved reading other peoples stories about their experence's also. Glad that you are doing much better. For Me, It has been Three Years since I had mine. I am glad that I am still around to share with my family and friends. :) Another person from here that it will take years for the pain of emotional scars will last forever. Plus I would love to see how they tied up our chest with them wire things. LOL.. Plus I still sleep with my pillow type thing.. Kinda got attached to it.. :) Not tied to me but just when I want to sleep with the cuddley thing.. LOL

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