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June 23, 2009


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From your lips, to G*d's ears.

john jay


this is the nicest compliment/comment i have ever received.

thank you, so very much.

john jay

p.s. elmo was my dad's name. you don't see it so very much, and i am pleased that you use it. i always like it.


I got two comments in the last twelve months (maybe?). One, from a libwuhl, single word: trash (regards a post). Proud I was of that. Glad to give a smile, Sir. Indeed.

Civilus Defendus

He has violated the US Constitution re separation of powers, states’ rights, religious preferences afforded some, placed the interests of other countries ahead of our own, and weakened us at every turn. The "Stimulus," Czars usurping process, Firing an Inspector General, Pressuring the Supreme Court, an Apologist for Islam, Bowing and Kowtowing to Islamic “leaders” (read tyrants), Being Soft on Iran, Crippling our Energy Supply… Inexperience, Platitudes and Fantasies. We are heading toward Marxism or dictatorship (where Nobama, The One = executive, legislative and judicial). He insults the spirit of our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. He is hostile to nearly 50% of the nation that did not elect him and is now raising concerns of every American. This man should not be allowed to complete his term. Impeach. Convict. Evict.

Civilus Defendus

PS - I like your name, John Jay. My copy of the Federalist Papers is usually close at hand.

john jay

civilus defendus:

yes. yes. yes.

john jay
milton freewater, oregon usa

p.s. that is my name. the "real" one, the one my mommy & daddy gave me. laughing.

i, too, keep the federalist papers close, as well as blackstone and locke, and if you will but peruse this blog (i wished i had it indexed properly), you will see i have recourse to publius quite often.

by the way, i love a remark from locke. when asked if he were brave or courageous to write the things he did, he replied, "i have been afraid my whole life." but, yet he wrote, compelled to do so. a brave man.


Sir, as usual you are spot on. I agree with you about Obama wholeheartedly. however the situation in Iran is something that few truly understand except the Iranians. Their legacy is that of a fiercely independent people and I am very much for them if they push this "revolution" long enough to actually overthrow the regime there. However alot of people here that are screaming to support them, are under the false imprssion that this is still about election fraud. The uprising has grown and turned towards removing the theocrartic state, however I am not sure of the true citizen support for it. But as we know, a determined minority can make a very real difference. I pray for them and hope the true spirit of the persian shines through and topples the Islamic Theocracy.

john jay


thank you for your kind words to me, and let us hope these brave people who fight bullets with bare chests can prevail.

my g_d, you would think the thugs would tire of beating them.

this should remind us, as nothing else can, that we must never give up our guns.

john jay


What a little girl! Boohoo--He is a wimp-he can only flap his purple lips-blah, blah, he is such a BS" full of crap. He is pure flip flopper-voted present again.I guess his puppet master didn't advise him on what to say--now he has placed Sharia Law into each of our Banks?? Read "Castrophe". Why doesn't he have an ENTERTAINMENT tax?? TAX his Hollywood buddies???
He has canceled e-verify, Match SSN program, he is OPENING all borders (numbersUSA) he wants the 2012 vote. He is rewriting ALL of our books, he is a radical MUSLIM, he is NOT a citizen of US and he should have never been a Senator. I bet Al Monsour or SOMEONE from the Muslim world is running him--he is the puppet, and we will learn WHO is really telling him what moves to make!! Why can't the FBI, CIA, investigate him? Its like he has been planted--put there to destroy us under the diguise of a "liberal"??? His college records? I bet they show he applied as an International student. He is going to try shut down Radio and all of our opposition to ABC. GE owns ABC-did you see the GE CEO bow to him?? OMG. As a woman veteran I am ashamed that people VOTED for this FAKE! Geez, they are sitting in our WHITE HOUSE-OMG it is sickening!!!! Just to see him speak--he doesn't support the US at all-he just sent $1B to HAMAS!!! And shut down 19 defense missles to ALASKA! I do not want single payer health plans!!! IMPEACH OBAMA!! He also turned OFF the water canals in California 80,000 acres are dying!! CA is dying because of all the illegals sucking the life out of her! The hospitals-Oklahoma kicked them out!!
CA needs to get rid of the parasites...


We need to come up with Articles of Impeachment that even this Congress will act on. I see all the actions taken that Civilus Defendus and Saxon cited as part of a long pattern of actions, all of which are designed to weaken the United States of America and aid its enemies. Aiding the countries enemies is one of the very definitions of Treason. We need to bring to the attention of all the Republicans and the "Blue Dog" Democrats, and other Democrats who are not hard-leftists the long train of abuses Obama has committed. If they cannot be persuaded to bring Articles of Impeachment at this time, perhaps they can be persuaded to subpoena Obama's records and finally determine once and for all if he is even eligible for office. If he is not eligible for office, declare every action he has taken null and void. I can't imagine that a President Biden could be any worse than what we have already seen from Obama. At least we know Biden is an American. In light of Obama's actions, Khadaffi's words referring to Obama as a "Muslim brother", along with other Muslim leaders, ring even more ominously.

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