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April 30, 2009


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i have had a fair amount of traffic to this post, but, so far, not one single comment from a reader.

does this mean that everyone agrees with me? that would be an extraordinary thing.

or, does it mean that the article is simply too long, as i suspect? that would be very disappointing to me, as i would think something like this might be worthy of 20 minutes concerted thought and observation.

your comments and feedback, please?

john jay, host

p.s. thank you, by the way, for your visit and for your interest. i just wish i knew what you were thinking.





yes. your treatise is long. it needs to be. brilliant. love your work. keep writing.

note: i am using your preferred method of non-capitalization...just for you :-)


To make a short story long, I give it to you. Boring to say it friendly. One thing you have not mentioned in your endless observation and dreamy visions is the formidable unstoppable Russian missiles and air defense systems. One such Mach 1.9 low flying toy will sink a 5000 men airplane carrier, and one Russian air defense battery will take on 50 air fighters at once. Without this in the story I rather smile at your assumption that Israel is capable of attacking Iran.

john jay


i will give it right back to you. incoherent to say it friendly.

i am 61 years of age.

my whole life i have been treated to descriptions of formidable & unstoppable russian missile and air defense systems, and yet have i ever seen the threat delivered or made good on.

the dangers presented to blue water ships by missiles is well known. yet, i do not see the nations of the world scrapping their capital ships. the reason is, these missiles are of limited range, and have to be brought into close enough range by aircraft or similar launch platforms, none of which the iranians possess or are likely to possess.

as far as one russian anti-craft battery taking on 50 fighters at once, ... , horseshit. maybe in an iranian press release somewhere, but not in this world. (for one thing, it is hard to conceive of iran ever being able to buy 50 such missiles to launch.)

consider for a moment, you have a battery with missiles in the launch. usually a couple three. you shoot 'em. you gotta load 'em all up. but, once you've shot your missiles, and you've "pinged" the targets with your radar, then the other guys (in this case, the israelis) are all over it with their "wild weasels," and their other missile detection and attack system, blasting it all to smithereens. it has yet to be determined that an iranian crew will stick wtih the system after firing, as other muslim and arab crews have shown a very real tendency to abandon their weapons systems once they come under fire.

if an iranian crew, manming a russian air defense battery, ever takes on 50 israeli fighters at once, ... , you give me you home address, pay me the air fare, and i will kiss your bare ass cheeks.

if you in fact read the post, which i seriously doubt since you claim it is so boring, you will note that i have said that the israelis are going to take casualties in such an operation, including no doubt, hits from air defense batteries.

but, your claims are exaggerated if not totally preposterous.

give me the jane's citation for your propositions, and if jane's supports you, maybe you will have my apology.

finally, since israel does not yet have air craft carriers as i have suggested she acquire, what in the sam hell does a "... mach 1.9 low flying toy [sinking] a 5000 men airplane carrier ... " have to do with anything, anyway.

captainzen, i think you full of shit, to say it friendly. your syntax is not that of a native speaker of english, and i suspect you are either russian, (perhaps a missile tech), at best, or something of a muslim troll, at worst.

i have watched many israeli-arab conflicts, lived through viet nam, and watched a couple of "desert storm's" where russian hardware and doctrine have had the living shit pounded out of them by western technology and weapons systems. i know of absolutely no reason to suspect that it will not be confirmed once again that russian hardware is crap.

and, one final matter. every time that israel has gotten into a shooting match with any arab or islamic foe, israel has kicked the living shit out of them. israelis have more taste for the battle, have superior planning and execution, and more elan on the battlefield than any arab foe has ever demonstrated. for this reason i alone, i rather smile at your assumption that israel is not capable of attacking iran.

john jay
milton freewater, oregon usa

p.s. the attraction of russian weaponry to thuggish regimes like iran's is the centralized commmand and control which is so typical.

the weakness of russian weaponry is once the centralized command and control is destroyed, the systems run blind, usually because the crew served stuff is not manned by people capable of acquiring and targeting an enemy.

so far, every time israeli or u.s. forces have taken on such command and control, they have knocked it out. bingo. a blind opponent.

if you are a russian tech in iran, manning your formidable unstoppable systems when the poop hits the fan, i suggest to save you own ass that you take off running to the east just as fast as your little fat legs will carry you, for as long as your breath holds out. and, then find a nice, deep, dark place to hide it, until the dust settles.

write if you get work.

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