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April 21, 2009


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john jay

p.s. we must not forget the armed to the teeth part, either. and, the crazy right wing nut part, did i mention that? laughing. i am just not very repentent, am i?


And it's only been 10 days.... At least when he's on tour he's not in the WH making more stupid decisions. But on the other hand, his minions are still in DC. I shudder at the thought of our country one year from now, much less four years. Dear Lord, help us all.


whoops - meant 100 days......I'm so upset I can't even type correctly!


If the Obama administration so much as attempts to criminalize the Bush administration's decisions, then we need a grand jury to bring indictments for treason against Obama and anyone else involved in making the decision to aid and abet the enemies that make predatory war against the United States by releasing those top-secret military memos. And they must hang upon conviction. (Or maybe the French would lend us a guillotine for the purpose?)

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