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March 08, 2009


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Account Deleted


As usual there's a lot of good content. A little hard to follow but brilliant nevertheless. Thanks!


A beautiful tragic-comedy. We can take our pick as to which. For now, I choose tragic. Thank you.


I read Many things, on or about this subject, but
THIS is one of the VERY


John Jay, Damn fine work.

You know, when America splits into smaller pieces, you'll hear a tapping tapping at your window. It won't be the Raven, just me and me bride movin' in to help you keep the valley safe.

john jay


come to the front porch,... , the porch light will be on for you.

if the electric is up & running, as we say out our way. laughing.

bring some lamp oil & cooking oil with you, and a spot of venison, and maybe some steel head. i will have the rice and beans.

you & your bride can have my room, i'll bunk in downstairs in the basement. i am used to it, spent summers there in my youth.

we'll make it. we'll plant lots of vegies in the backyard, and carry water from the river. the sun will do the rest.


p.s. good to hear from you, old friend.

john jay

p.s. don't forget the bang sticks and fodder.

Account Deleted

Well, John, you are the Man of the Mountain.

A last link between hard work, the body that feels it, and a vigilant mind. You live closer to our American pioneers than many Americans.

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