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February 13, 2009


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Excellent and on point. Relating to "suicide" of the west/left in Bush's last days our politicians agreed in principal to share nuclear technology with the United Arab Emirates. One of only 3 countries that recognized the Taliban when it took over Afghanistan in the 90's. In my opinion Islam is not a religion but a totalitarian belief system, it reminds me of "Jonestown". I found it ironic that the leaders of jihad always encourage the faithful to be martyrs, but they and their families never become martyrs. if as they preach it is the wuickest way to heavevn and if they believe in what they preach one would think they would be first in line. But, as you laid out those leaders are, in a way, similar to the leaders of the left, not willing to die for their beliefs. After reading "The Origins of Totalitarianism" by Hannah Arndt Islam immediately came to mind.

When the election were in high gear I penned the following:

The American Dream is on life support and it is the fault of us the American citizen. We have one of the most treasured freedoms in the world, the right to vote. By voting we can eliminate the politicians Democrat and Republican who do not govern with the best interest of our nation at heart. By nation I mean NATION not partisan pork barrel politics favoring one group of American citizens over another or favoring the largest campaign donors over the common good of our nation.
We rebelled against a king, yet we have career politicians (Clintons, Kennedys, McCains, Bushes, Byrds, Obamas, Franks, Reids, Pelosis, Murthas) due to our disillusionment. Elitists who believe only they know what is good for Americans. Elitist politicians sounding more like the kings and queens we rebelled against in order to be an independent nation. Elitist who make sure they get a fat salary with outsized benefits then covering such outrageous lifestyles by taxing the constituents who voted them in office. Our founding fathers are turning over in their graves.
Career politicians who are not held accountable for the budget deficits they create, the overregulation of every aspect of our rights and lives as citizens. They can say and sell us anything and we take it at face value, like those nodding dogs in the rear window of our grandmothers’ car. PT Barnum would be envious.
We are to blame. They pass legislation that favors one constituent group at the expense of another and we just nod saying “my my isn’t that nice”, becoming a reflection of the self serving elitist politicians. Instead of asking what is best for our nation as a whole we say I got mine and I could care less if you got yours. The political elitist play this game like a pro and we take it. We basically have surrendered our rights to a group of elitists who do not have the best interests of our citizens and nation.
How do we solve this issue? Vote. By vote I mean vote for a candidate who has the best interests of our nation as a whole not just our selfish personal interests. We can start by cleaning the slate vote out all politicans, democrat or republican, who have served more than one term in a political position whether it be at the state or federal level. Don’t re-elect a candidate. Don’t vote for a candidate just because they are saying what we want to hear, dig deeper, don’t accept them at face value.
The American Dream is on life support and only we as citizens can prescribe the correct medicine.

As Bernard Henri-Levy, a very left wing Frenchman who I disagree with philosophically, in his book "Left in Dark Times" called the modern left (European and American)the new barbarians. As he put it by justifying Islamic fanaticism the New Left has become the cemetary of democracies.

Some recommended readings:

Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left by David Horowitz

Islamic Imperialism-A History by Efraim Karsh

World War IV by Norman Podheretz

Understanding Muhammed: A Phychobiography by Ali Sina

In closing I had a college friend who fled Iran when the Shah was overthrown. He was Jewish. He called Islam and the Arabs, in particular, "locust eaters". They like, locust, swarm and devour a land leaving nothing but desert, death and a wasteland in their wake.


john jay:
kindly delete my comment. thanks, keep up your work!


hi john jay
please delete my comment. keep up your good work!



In the months long car burning riots in France, it was well known that the fires were set by young men, but the on the spot command was in the hands of senior men. Eventually the situation was brought under control when the police brought in the Imams.

The French government was very grateful to these Imams. However if we view the rioting Muslims as an organised militia, then the senior men on the spot are the captains. The Imams of course are in the CO class. Now if this were just ordinary common or garden variety riots, then it would be a mob that would be in action, and no Imam could have brought it under control. But they did, thus it is an organised militia, responding to senior officers in the normal way.

Here is another piece that gives the game away.

Scotland on Sunday can reveal that several Islamic clerics will join police and youth workers in an innovative new scheme to wean young Muslims away from trouble.

The Imams – most Scottish-born – will take to the streets starting this week, targeting a dozen teenagers believed to be on the edge of the embryonic Asian gang culture on Glasgow's Southside.

Their allies, including workers from Youth Counselling Services Agency (YCSA), a support group for young Asians, reckon the clerics will be able to command more respect from youngsters than other professionals, including the police.


Our politicians are of course grateful to these Imams, little knowing that they are seeking advice and guidance from the very people who wish us harm.

We really have existential threat on our doorstep right now, and not in the future some decades away. The Muslim population is of course growing by leaps and bounds, but in addition, we also have an organised militia. In effect we have a colonising army already in residence.


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