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September 24, 2008


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Account Deleted

Are you talking about Charles Johnson of LGF?

It's a little difficult to foller just what you're saying.

Except we know you sure as HELL don't like chuck!

john jay


you seem to "foller" the drift of things "jes fine."

you are right. i don't have any use for him at all. he is as worthless as tits on a boar hog, as we say in n.e. oregon.

he is so very, very fastidious about who he will associate with, and he is very heavy handed, and vituperative and punitive if anybody else does.

he is a worthless bastard, in my estimation.

john jay

p.s. nice to hear from you, and thanks for the visit.


Brilliant as usual, JohnJay!!

Chuck has gone steadily downhill since his no-doubt yeoman work in 2004 to expose the Rather forgeries...As is often the case with talented-but-socially-incompetent people, he has got a perverse bug in his bonnet, and has now allowed it to ruin his perspective. Ironically, this is usually a problem experienced by paleo-cons who catch "the Jewish thing" (e.g.,Sobran, Buchanan)

Too bad, the guy had some good abilities. Now its just a waiting game as the balloon slowly falls from the sky.

But not like the Hindenburg.

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